5 Reasons Why Alcohol Is a Feminist Issue

Written by Amy C. Willis 5 Reasons Why Alcohol Is a Feminist Issue     April is Alcohol Awareness Month so we thought we’d take this opportunity to bust some myths and share some accurate, evidence-based info on the risks and harms that go along with consuming alcohol.   We’re not here to tell everyone…

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Postpartum Depression isn’t Just About Hormones, and 4 other facts you probably didn’t know about PMADS

  Postpartum Depression isn’t Just About Hormones (and 4 other facts you probably didn’t know about PMADS) As professionals working with pregnant folks and parents, it is essential to know about Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs). Therefore, we have put together a list of 5 facts you should know about PMADs. Navigating a PMAD…

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I am most proud of things that you cannot see

Written by Meg Kant If you would rather listen to me read this blog, click here Content Warning: Discussion of weight loss I am most proud of things that you cannot see   Years ago during a job interview, I was asked what my two biggest accomplishments were. At the time, I had recently graduated…

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7 Ways a Doula Can Support Birthers and Families

7 Ways a Doula Can Support Birthers and Families: evidence-based information. World Doula Week 2022.

7 Ways a Doula Can Support Birthers and Families: World Doula Week It’s World Doula Week  and we’re celebrating!   Birth Workers aka doulas are changing the landscape of birth worldwide, providing support and safety, encouraging agency and autonomy and changing birth experiences AND outcomes. We love birth work and birth workers, and are deeply…

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How to manage your postpartum with twins

Written by Michelle Cruz Being pregnant with multiples is a challenge in and of itself. And manage your postpartum with twins, triplets or more can be even more complicated. The sheer amount of appointments, check-ins, worries, and the overwhelming feeling of littles kicking all day long is a lot. Oftentimes there is a lot of…

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National Human Trafficking Awareness Day 2022

9 Ways to Spot Human Trafficking

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day 2022 January 11th is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day and January is National Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention Month in the US. While it’s likely that most of us have heard of human trafficking, given how insidious and prolific it is and has become, it’s both important to provide a…

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3 Tips to GROW in Social Media as a Birth Worker

tips help you grow social media birth worker

3 Tips for GROWING in Social Media as a Birth Worker Starting and growing your Birth Worker Business can feel overwhelming at times, and we want to do our best to minimize that overwhelm so you can continue doing what you love! So we’ve put together some of the best time-saving, quick to apply and…

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Jill Stewardson and The Queers for Queer Care Award!

Queers for Queer Care Scholarship Bebo Mia

Maternal Support Practitioner Scholarship by Jill Stewardson Hello, I am Jill Stewardson. I have a rad spouse and two beautiful children, 3.5 years and 1.5 years. My little family lives in upstate NY and love it here! I have been working as a sign language interpreter for over 10 years in various areas. I felt…

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Birth Workers Days Social Media Calendar 2022!

Social Media Calendar 2022 for Birth Workers! We all know that social media is a crucial part of promoting our business as a Birth Worker, and especially because it is the direct way in which we can connect with our potential clients. But, working on your own business can sometimes be a bit overwhelming and…

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Breanne Cain bebo mia Be Brave Award Runner Up

My name is Bre, my pronouns are she/her. I come from a big family and am the middle child of seven children. I was born and raised in North Dakota. The day I graduated high school I packed my bags and moved to Salt Lake City because of the snow and mountains and all the…

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Hannah Brauer Fall 2020 Intersectional or Bust Award Runner Up

Hi! I’m Hannah Brauer (she/her), and I just graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in Communication & Media and Creative Writing & Literature. I am honored to be the runner-up for the bebo mia Intersectional or Bust Award and am so excited for a chance to become a doula through a social…

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Maternal Mental Health Doula Jasmine Young: Fall 2018 MSP Scholarship Winner

Olivia Scobie Doula Scholarship

For the Fall 2018 Doula  Maternal Support Practitioner Program Scholarship at bebo mia inc we had some amazing applicants and are thrilled to present our winners’ submissions. With the help of some incredible sponsors like Olivia Scobie & community partners we were able to offer 7 Scholarships to our combined fertility, birth and postpartum doula training. In…

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