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Looking to rekindle the fun in your

doula business

and connect with like-minded peers?

Doula Mentor

We've been there, just like you.

Discover the Doula Mentorship Program aka Club, your go-to online mentorship community, whether you're new or seasoned.

Get the support you need for your doula work, life, and business.

We understand the challenges: time constraints, on-call schedules, and tight budgets.

Join our flexible and affordable community today and connect with a Doula Mentor!

This membership gives you the hand-holding (and cheerleading!) you need to feel confident in your doula business.

So, what’s included?


Monthly Office Hours

You will get access to experts that can support you through the task-centred or heart-centred elements of business ownership. We want to help you get unstuck!


Doula Business School

You will get the full business school curriculum inside the club! Find out more here.  


Monthly Guest Speakers

We have a list of the topics and speakers that you have pleaded for over the last year. We are going to be taking that list and bringing in those guests for Hot + Brave Doula Club members only!


Bi-Monthly research discussion

Research sessions are critical for us as we only provide evidence-based care. We have to know what the evidence includes, where the flaws are, and how do we get the research to override practice-based care


swap and sell section

We are going to have a swap and sell section within the closed club so that you all can barter, ask for help and so much more!


interview library

You will get inside access to the interview library which just keeps growing


Roundtable discussions

We will meet live and online and where topics related to birth work and reproductive health and justice will be deep dive


special price

Your club membership will get you 10% off the shop and 20% off all other programs


Doula community group

Exclusive access to the Facebook group that is set up for you and all your work and play needs!


Loyalty points program!

We are also kicking off our loyalty points program! And all of you will get early exclusive access. We have tasks and events and even just having your membership which will give you points.

Use your points to buy swag and even other courses!

We are so excited to be launching this ONLY for the Hot+Brave Doula Club!

This membership is not something that will create more ‘work’ for you! We get it, you have a family, you have clients plus all the other things that come up in your week. 

This business mentorship is unique because it is created by doulas FOR doulas!

Doula mentorship program

Unlock the power of connections with incredible support and guidance.


$27 USD /monthly
  • Monthly Office Hours & Discussions
  • Monthly Guest Speakers
  • Bi-Monthly Research Discussion
  • Interview Library
  • Special Discounts & Bonus Section


Email us if you have questions at [email protected]. You can also use that email to easily cancel your membership if this is not the perfect place for you. There is no contract, no minimum time commitment. Just come learn, laugh and be part of the baddest club in town!

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