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Doula Training Modules

  • What is support?
  • What is a Doula?
  • Why are we here?
  • Evidence-based care and consent
Fertility Issues Etiquette, Tests and Treatments
  • What it looks like to give birth in the system, as it is as well as what some of the amazing birth practices and traditions look like around the world
  • What evidence-based best practices exist versus what's actually happening (it's shocking, y'all)
  • We also launch into our fertility teaching including charting and cycle monitoring
Fertility, Loss/Abortion, The Modern Family

We will look at creating balance, the birth worker’s role throughout fertility. Also,  beginning our discussion around loss, how both clients and birth workers can navigate this difficult time, and the modern family.

Anatomy & Physiology of Pregnancy

We will be going over anatomy and physiology and what it looks like for the body during pregnancy.

Did you know?!

  • Did you know that in the 1st trimester, a pregnant person’s blood volume increases by 10-15% and continues to increase totalling a 30-50% increase in blood volume by the third trimester!
  • Did you know in pregnancy the uterus starts out the size of a person's fist and then quickly expands to accommodate a rapidly growing fetus and becomes the largest muscle in a pregnant person’s body in the third trimester!
  • Did you know that when the uterus is large enough to reach a pregnant person’s stomach, it pushes their stomach ‘out of the way’ upwardly and to the left! The stomach is also rotated about 45 degrees to the right!

The human body is flipping incredible!

Tests & Procedures

We will be going over monitoring and interventions during pregnancy.

Did you know that a Stretch and Sweep, also known as sweeping the membranes is considered a form of induction? Yup, even though it is sometimes presented as a routine part of care, a stretch and sweep is considered an induction.

It happens when a medical care provider inserts fingers into the cervix and attempts to sweep the bag of waters away from the cervix in hopes of irritating it enough to release oxytocin and stimulate contractions.

Facts about Stretch and Sweep:

  • It is not likely to be successful at inducing labour before 41 weeks’ gestation and with a low Bishop score
  • Risks include discomfort, cramping, bacteria getting into cervix and accidentally breaking waters
Comfort Measures

Did you know there are 2 major components of the autonomic nervous system?

1️⃣ Sympathetic Nervous System: When a person gives birth in this system they are giving birth in the fight-flight-or-freeze response. Their mind is telling their body that there is danger and the best thing for their body to do is stop the process and find a safe place.

When we give birth in this system the body is flooded with hormones that begin the fear/tension/pain cycle. Making labour more uncomfortable and difficult for birthers and babies.

This is where most people give birth

2️⃣ Parasympathetic Nervous System: This system is otherwise known as rest and digest and is responsible for the balance and maintenance of the body’s systems. It allows the body to conserve energy as well as relax and repair.

When a person gives birth in this system, hormones are able to flow as designed and birth is easier and safer for both parent and baby

Comfort measures and The Epidural

We will continue the conversation about comfort measures and the epidural.

Did you know that sitting backwards on the toilet can be a great position during the active and transition phases of labour?!

Some of the reasons why this is a great option:
???? There is no pressure on the perineum
????Opens up the pelvis like a squat position, but the labouring person is not using as much energy having to hold themselves up
????Birthers may feel more comfortable with pushing, as the toilet is where they are used to eliminating.

Optimal Fetal Positioning, Fitness and Pelvic Floor Health

????Optimal Fetal Positioning
While babies are born in all kinds of positions, we know that some are more conducive to a smooth labour and pelvic birth than others. We’ll learn a little about each of the different fetal positions and how to help our clients achieve and maintain optimal fetal positioning.

????Pre/post Fitness
How to support our clients in their recovery and getting moving again after birth. Because we live in a very “diet and fitness-centric” culture, it's important that we know how to talk to our clients about pre/postnatal fitness while honoring their bodies and unique pregnancy and postpartum journeys.

????Pelvic Floor Health
We’ll touch on some best practices to help our clients protect their pelvic floor both prenatally and in the postpartum! This is important information as it is not commonly discussed but can lead to life changing problems.

C-section birth and special circumstances

We will be talking all about C-Sections and Special Circumstances.

Folks may have a Cesarean Birth for a number of reasons, including:

????Medical Reasons
Some birthers have conditions that prevent them from having a pelvic birth, such as a malformed or injured pelvis, severe pre-eclampsia, transverse lie (in which the baby lies
horizontally in the uterus), and several other circumstances related to their health or the baby’s.

????Non-Medical Reasons
Birthers may have a lot of fear and anxiety about giving birth, or some may find having a scheduled delivery more convenient and supportive of their parenting plan. Knowing when and how the birth is going to happen can relieve a lot of stress.

Birth can be unpredictable, and some situations including failure to progress or signs of the baby being in distress mean that waiting for pelvic delivery can have concerns.

The doula’s role, immediate postpartum and newborn assessment

We will talk all about Doula’s role, immediate postpartum and newborn assessment.

Including pushing, birth plan, delivery of the placenta, what happens right after the baby is born, and more!

Postpartum care and babywearing

We will be talking all about the Postpartum Period.

You can help your client(s) plan for the postpartum period prenatally, by:

???? Creating a support team
It is normal for birthers to need to rely on others for physical, emotional and parenting needs while they recover. Knowing who they can lean on during this time before the baby arrives can negate a lot of stress.

???? Delegating tasks
Knowing who is taking care of baby needs like feeding and changing, household chores, shopping, pet care and other to-do’s while the birther is getting their much needed rest helps keep everything organized and on-track.

???? Identifying where additional professional support may be needed
Sometimes unexpected needs can arise during postpartum, like difficulty with feeding, illness or biological complications post-birth. Having the contact information of a professional who can help with these situations at-the-ready can make for faster problem-solving.

The postpartum period and infant feeding

We will continue the conversation on all things Postpartum Period and Feeding from the Body.

Learn how you can support the whole family navigate the postpartum period and anticipate the biological needs and changes of both the birther and baby.

???? Caring for Infants
Babies have support and attachment needs. There are lots of methods to meet their emotional needs safely and encourage healthy emotional and neurological development.

???? Caring for Parents
Birthers are experiencing many changes in their postpartum body, and may need assistance recovering from, and tending to, these changes.

???? Preparing for feeding from the body
It is important to educate parents about changes they can expect in their breasts/chests, how milk production and appearance changes in the first few weeks of postpartum and methods for safe and effective feeding.

Procedures and protocols - Working with clients


Science of Infant Sleep & Mental Wellness

We will be talking all about Attachment and Sleep.

Infancy is a critical time for developing healthy attachment and safe sleep is one of the many ways we can encourage this.

We will be learning about:

???? Attachment Theory
???? Signs of attachment
???? Attachment parenting
???? Safe bedsharing
???? Popular sleep training methods

Babywearing & Postpartum Planning

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nicest things...

The bebo mia inc Maternal Support Practitioner Certification is not just a doula training, it’s a community.


It is hard making friends as an adult. Let alone ones who are birth nerds just like you! People who want to make sure no one ever has the terrible and lonely birth and parenting experiences too many people have.

Together we will change the climate in which we learn about birth, give birth, and raise our babies. We will take up space, use our voice, and live our purpose.

We are committed to creating a brave space, a space where we discuss body positivity and health at every size, racialized maternal health, access for people living with visible and invisible disabilities, gender-neutral language for trans-birth and gender non conforming folks, the modern family, and so much more.




bebo mia Works Globally

Let’s have the money talk about your Doula training & certification

We want to support you in achieving your goals and making a difference in the lives of new families! To make the training more accessible, we have financing plans available. Completing your payment plan is required.

We are so excited to support you while you invest in yourself, your education and your doula career!


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  • Ongoing Mentorship
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We want to support you in achieving your goals! To make doula the training more accessible, we have financing plans available. There are small financing fees if you choose to go this route. Completing your payment plan is required.


Thinking about signing up for more courses with us? Still, have questions or concerns? Need a boost into the course? Email [email protected] and Kelly our world-renowned admin will get you the support you need!

No extra fees PLUS all of this for you!


Flexible & Accessible

You are busy with kids and pets and friends and work and play so we made this work in your schedule! This Doula program is designed so you have no childcare costs! 


Weekly classes

We record them all and they a taught for all types of learners! We make sure you learn everything you need to be confident as a doula!


Learning between classes

Your private support group and guest speakers will help you practice your doula skills and give you the chance to ask all the questions you have during and after the program! 


Ongoing Mentorship

Nervous about your first client? We got you! We will help you every step of the way!


Business Support

Remember how we said we did not want any doulas to feel the way Bianca did when she first began her doula business? Well, that’s exactly why we’ve built Business Support into the entire training.



amazing add ons


Peer Social Group

Hang out with all your birth besties while you cheer each other on. Your instructors and peer mentors are there to help!


Business Bonus Class

We have had guests talking about self-worth, marketing, copywriting, money, mobilizing communities to start a movement and much more! Yes, please!


Birth Worker Mental Health Support Group

The Birth Worker Mental Health Support Group is included in your tuition and is available to you whenever you need it. This allows a safe space to process and heal. What, free therapy?! We’ve got you!

Let’s talk about your Doula recertification

Well, in short, we think recert fees are b.s.!

You have the information.

You have paid your tuition.

You are in. Forever!

We are also committed to ensuring we offer awesome guest speakers who are birth pros and change makers on our Facebook page so you get to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in the reproductive space.


We do have a doula recertification process. It is a reflective process. It is to ensure that you still feel grounded and present and emotionally and spiritually well as a Maternal Support Practitioner aka doula.

There are no fees associated with your doula recertification.

It is an exercise that you complete and submit to our Education Coordinator every two years.

It is something that benefits you and those you serve.
Why we created an

Online Doula Training

Doula trainings

As a new parent living in an unsafe situation, with no support and under-resourced while dealing with postpartum depression, Bianca needed to change her life... and looked to doula training as a way to build a business while supporting other birthers who struggled before, during or after a birth. 

Having started out hopeful and looking to change the world (or at least the lives of future clients), after her weekend training Bianca was left with a sinking feeling in her stomach and the overwhelming thought,  ‘What now?!’.  

Out in the big world of reproductive health, Bianca discovered her training hadn’t actually prepared her to run a business. The business training she did have didn’t feel applicable to her new doula business and she had very few connections within the birth community. 

How would she create connections with other birth workers? Who was going to support HER when she stepped into a birth space for the very first time?

The need for support and connection formed the foundation of bebo mia & the creation of the Maternal Support Practitioner Training to become a doula.

About the


It takes a village of amazing humans to support you through your education and business creation. Our team of instructors are diverse, interesting, fierce social justice warriors & super hella funny.

bianca sprague

Bianca Sprague

Bianca Sprague is the founder of bebo mia inc. She is a badass queer entrepreneur and mom to Gray. She lives with her partner, Hailey, outside Toronto.

Bianca feels especially passionate about creating access to quality pre & postnatal care for marginalized communities. She is an advocate for mental wellness for the entire family, and especially for the birthing parent, after suffering from PPD in silence and losing her father to suicide in 2012. She recognizes the barriers put in place for female entrepreneurs and believes that understanding the evolving online space can even the playing field for women in business.


Charlotte Shilo-Goudeau

Mrs. Charlotte is 1 of 4 African American women in the state of Louisiana to hold the title of Licensed Certified Professional Midwife.

Her philosophy is to implement training, to provide evidence based education, and to advocate for women living in misrepresented and under served communities. She believes that her “Tea Philosophy” has not only helped to prevent negative health outcomes but has also brought awareness to the disparities and the institutionalized limitations placed on all women of childbearing years, especially minorities.  Through her hard work, training and dedication, she will continue to strive in the advancement of Midwifery Care.

In September 2019 Mrs. Goudeau was awarded the Evidence-Based Birth Be the Change Award.


Khessia Rachelle Nabali

Khessia Rachelle Nabali is a doula and educator who currently splits her time between the United States and Haiti. She serves Southern Haiti as a doula through Nabali Natal Support. She also virtually supports clients in the States with a focus on Black reproductive health.

Khessia is a long time educator and administrator of an English school she co-founded with her sister. Her role as an educator in the community allows her to connect to people who desire high quality support when it comes to birth, pregnancy and their postpartum periods.

For the past 15 years her focus has been centered around empowering, teaching, and facilitating healing for youth and young adults, specifically folks who identify as girls and women of the African Diaspora. She likes getting creative and organizing community so over the years she's created dance groups, theater troupes, mentoring programs, shared her songs on guitar, and developed a web series called Hey Teacher Friend. Becoming a certified doula has allowed her to be just as creative.
Khessia is a proud bebo mia alumni who lives by the following motto: "Do the best you can, with what you have".
Marissa color

Marissa Bolanos

Marissa Bolaños is a Mexican audiovisual artist, writer, and birth worker. She is a single mom of two boys. Marissa has been working in the field of birth since 2015 as a doula, childbirth educator, and documentary photographer. 

She recently started the podcast "La Revolución del Parto" which centers stories of Spanish-speaking families giving birth outside of the hospital and explores subjects of obstetric violence, immigration, health care access, and body autonomy.

Vickiana Pena wearing a hoodie and a head wrap. She is cut out and there are pink lines around her for a stylized photo

Vickiana Peña

Vickiana Pena  (she/ her) is a  daycare teacher, wife, and mother from Brooklyn, New York. She is a certified birthworker from bebo mia inc. 

with plans to specialize in supporting families struggling with or at high risk of perinatal mood disorders within low-income communities. As a Latina living in Brooklyn and struggling with postpartum depression herself, she came to the realization that there is a huge lack of support and greater need of it in her community, that's when her passion for supporting birthers struggling with PPMD came to my life.

Regina Townsend

Regina Townsend is a professional youth librarian, infertility advocate, and founder of The Broken Brown Egg.

She is passionate about bringing light and representation to the struggle of infertility and its mental, social, and emotional impacts on the African American community.


She believes in connecting people to the resources they need to make informed health decisions. Her Players 2 & 3 are her husband Jahbari, and their long-awaited son, Judah.



Aren Czernin

Aren Czernin is one of the three pioneer members of the Bebobabes Ph. She is a Raising Frequencies and a Self-Love Solutions teacher, and a mom to two amazing littles, Ela and André. She lives in Antipolo, Philippines.
Aren believes that the future of birth is beautiful, gentle and loving --whatever the birth outcome may be. She always viewed her own births as routine, and always thought that support could have been better, which led to the birth of her own doula business "Raising Frequencies through Kaligtasan". (Which stands for safety or safe space.) Being part of the Bebobabes Ph and Birth Keepers of the Philippines, she along with her fellow birth workers are paving the way and breaking barriers in the world of birth work for their children and future generations to come.

Code of Ethics

Doula Certification Requirements

Accommodation Policy



Our Guarantee

We promise that this comprehensive training process will not only set you up for a successful and meaningful career as a doula, it will positively impact your healing and growth journey as an individual. When you train with bebo mia you gain a path to financial independence and create hope for better birth experiences for everyone.