Fall 2020


Maternal Support Practitioner

The most comprehensive combined fertility, birth & postpartum doula training


The bebo mia inc Maternal Support Practitioner Certification is not just a doula training, it’s a community.

Together we will change the climate in which we learn about birth, give birth, and raise our babies. We will take up space, use our voice, and live our purpose.

We are committed to creating a brave space, a space where we discuss body positivity and health at every size, racialized maternal health, access for people living with visible and invisible disabilities, gender-neutral language for trans-birth and gender non conforming folx, the modern family, and so much more.

This 4 month program will not only cover the full spectrum of care, from fertility, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, it will be a catalyst for deeper healing and growth in your life.

We do not just teach you the skills needed to be an awesome Maternal Support Practitioner (aka doula), we guide and support you every step of the way, and that includes business support!


This training is for you if you want to build
a serious doula business.

At the end of the certification process you will be certified as a fertility, birth and postpartum doula. We believe that each stage, from pre-conception all the way through to the first 6 months of life, are so interconnected that they should be taught together.

About the


It takes a village of amazing women* to support you through your education and business creation. Our team of instructors are diverse, interesting, fierce social justice warriors & super hella funny.

bianca sprague

Bianca Sprague

Bianca Sprague is the co-founder & CEO of bebo mia inc. She is a badass queer entrepreneur and mom to Graydon. She lives in Toronto and co-parents with her partner, Alana. 

Bianca feels especially passionate about creating access to quality pre & postnatal care for marginalized communities. She is an advocate for mental wellness for the entire family, and especially for the birthing parent, after suffering from PPD in silence and losing her father to suicide in 2012. She recognizes the barriers put in place for female entrepreneurs and believes that understanding the evolving online space can even the playing field for women in business.


Natasha Marchand

Natasha Marchand is the co-founder & COO of bebo mia inc. She is a super talented creative genius that turned her passion for babies and wellness into a thriving business.

After a long career in editing and design Natasha did a complete 180 and landed in her true passion, birth work. Natasha is a pre & postnatal fitness professional, doula trainer, and mindfulness practitioner. She specializes in working with families with a history of fertility struggles through their pregnancy and postpartum period. She lives in Toronto with her husband, Chris, and two daughters Sadie & Margo.


Jacquana Smith

Jacquana Smith is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) committed to providing families with quality and comprehensive care. 

Jacquana’s focus on families grew while earning her Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the University of Cincinnati her Masters in Public Health. Her passions are deeply rooted in research, education, and planning. Jacquana has worked in private practice, a birth center, and currently works as an IBCLC in a hospital. She devoted more than 7 years as a volunteer to help promote, protect, and support infant feeding of human milk. Jacquana is currently serving as the Program Coordinator for the  (ILCA).


Charlotte Shilo-Goudeau

Mrs. Charlotte is 1 of 4 African American women in the state of Louisiana to hold the title of Licensed Certified Professional Midwife.

Her philosophy is to implement training, to provide evidence based education, and to advocate for women living in misrepresented and under served communities. She believes that her “Tea Philosophy” has not only helped to prevent negative health outcomes but has also brought awareness to the disparities and the institutionalized limitations placed on all women of childbearing years, especially minorities.  Through her hard work, training and dedication, she will continue to strive in the advancement of Midwifery Care.

In September 2019 Mrs. Goudeau was awarded the Evidence-Based Birth Be the Change Award.


Michelle Cruz

Michelle is finalizing her certification in fertility, birth, and postpartum doula care along with childbirth and sleep education. After years of researching the inner workings of female anatomy fighting endometriosis, she became pregnant. 

After a challenging and unnecessary  Ceasearn birth followed by a multiples birth that was the polar opposite, a passion for the birth work was solidified. With deep-rooted care for the community, Michelle utilizes her education, lived experiences, and humor to support parents in the most precious of times. 

Meg Kant

Meg Kant is the Director of Educaton at bebo mia. She is the proud mama of two happy boys whose motherhood journey has been filled with many ups and downs. 

Meg has been providing support to families in Sudbury since 2015. A summary of Meg’s education and credentials include: Certified Doula through bebo mia, Honours Degree in Psychology, Certified Infant Sleep Educator through bebo mia, monthly professional contributor to www.PregnancyAfterLossSupport.com, member of Baby Friendly Initiative through Sudbury District Health Unit, and professional collaborator with The Northern Ontario School of Medicine.


Olivia Scobie

Olivia Scobie (M.A., MSW, RSW, MSP) is a therapist, doula, and founder of Postpartum Support Toronto.

After beating PPD/PPA twice, she became a staunch advocate for reducing perinatal mood disorder stigma and breaking down barriers to support for marginalized groups. Her specialties include postpartum resilience, birth trauma, queer parenting, and incarcerated mothering.

Babywearing training

Ingrid Gayle

When Ingrid became a mom, back in 2010, she fell in love with babywearing. She loved that it promoted bonding, nurtured her baby’s development, and it allowed her the freedom and mobility to travel the world.

Wanting to share this life-changing discovery with other parents, she became certified as a babywearing educator at The BabyWearing Institute in Utah, USA.  After observing that there was a demographic of parents in need of an alternative baby carrier to the ones already offered in the marketplace, Ingrid designed the Helina Baby carrier which provides optimal support for newborn babies while being exceptionally comfortable and easy-to-use.


Alana Nugent

Alana Nugent is the Marketing Director of bebo mia inc. Alana has a degree in Physical Education & Health and a post-grad in Marketing. 

She co-parents her 11 year old daughter, Gray, with her spouse (and bebo mia's CEO) Bianca Sprague. She feels like she has found her calling now that she is able to combine all that she knows about human development, the mind-body connection, critical race theory, scientific constructions of sex & gender, social theory & the body and marketing. Alana's latest passion project is advocating for a shift in how marketers & influencers talk about alcohol & motherhood.



Samantha Garcia Gagnon said that she wanted a job where all she had to do was love people, though she never thought that it could be a reality. 

It wasn't until Samantha went to her first birth in 2014 when she discovered that in fact it is! Samantha opened The Maya's Nest Birth Services, providing doula and birth photography services to families across Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley, BC. In 2017, Samantha joined the team at bebo mia inc. as the Business Mentor and brings with her a combination of professional business knowledge from her marketing background with the unique needs that are required to build a business working with families in the most significant time in their lives.


Melissa Danielle

Melissa is a multipassionate coach, disruptor, and creative badass helping women reclaim the Wild Feminine...

during their periods, pregnancy, and postpartum. Since 2005, Melissa has used food, art, recreation, and movement to build community and facilitate shameless conversations on food, truth, desire, sex, and intimacy.


Greer Kirshenbaum

Greer Kirshenbaum is super excited to be the first Neuroscientist Doula! She has a BSc in Neuroscience from Dalhousie University, a PhD in Neuroscience and Medical Science from the University of Toronto.

Greer has worked for several years as a postdoctoral research fellow and assistant professor at Columbia University.
Greer is on a mission to revolutionize the future of health by communicating scientific research. Greer worked in neurobiology laboratories for over 15 years studying how genetics and experience shape the emotional brain and influence lifelong mental and physical health.


Vickiana Peña

Vickiana Pena  (she/ her) is a  daycare teacher, wife and mother from Brooklyn New york. She is in the process of becoming a certified birthworker under Bebo Mia Inc.

with plans to specialize in supporting families struggling with or at high risk of perinatal mood disorders within low-income communities. As a Latina living in Brooklyn and struggling with postpartum depression herself, she came to the realization that there is a huge lack of support and greater need of it in her community, that's when her passion for supporting birthers struggling with PPMD came to my life.
Untitled design (1)

Rebekkah Traptow

I am the Full Spectrum Doula, CBE and BFE behind Love First Maternal Support, proud alumni and Peer Mentor with Bebo Mia. I love to cook, bake (my husband appreciates this), play various sports, and am up for pretty much anything I can do with a coffee in hand.

My decision to become a Doula came from a place of deep longing to love, encourage and help other families walking this not so smooth path of parenthood.By meeting parents where they're at, holding space for whats sometimes messy, and offering them reliable, loving and unbiased support, my hope is to be a part of the village that raises healthy, confident parents AND their children. The way I approach maternal care is with a "love first" mindset. It doesn't matter who you are, where you're from, what your age, nationality, beliefs or background is; I love and support you first. 

I took my MSP training with Bebo Mia in the Fall of 2018. As I'm somewhat addicted to learning, I then took the Breastfeeding Educator and Childbirth Educator Certification courses as well as Divers Families and LOVED every second of them. 


Fernanda Villanueva

Fernanda Villanueva holds a Masters of Social Work from the University of Toronto.  She completed her Maternal Support Practitioner training with Bebo Mia in 2016.  

Fernanda has worked in community health settings for over 15 years and currently works as a therapist in private practice. She specializes in women's mental and reproductive health and supports individuals working through anxiety, depression and trauma.

Why we created

this MSP

When they first started out as doulas, co-owners Natasha and Bianca came from different training organizations but their experience was similar. Both of of them finished their weekend trainings with the same sinking feeling in their stomachs and the same thoughts in their head, ‘What now?!’. They were not trained in business and had very few connections within the birthing community. They worried about finding clients and they felt the lack of support as they stepped into the birth room for the first time.

It was during this time that they found each other, and leaned on each other for support. Learning and growing as best they could, making (a few) mistakes along the way. Together they built a doula agency in their city, supporting hundreds of fertility, birth and postpartum clients. As they expanded their business, and more doulas wanted to join the team, they could no longer resist the call to start a training organization of their own.


They had one goal in mind when they created their organization: They never wanted to see another doula (or any other birth professional) feel the way they did when they first began. They never wanted to see another person give up on their dreams because they do not have the support they need.

Now, bebo mia inc. trains and certifies doulas around the globe and remains fiercely committed to their mission: Connecting YOU to your intrinsic value and power.

Product Description


Flexible & Accessible

This program is taught live and online. This means you can do the course anytime. Anywhere. You can login and catch the class broadcasted live on Thursday nights or you can watch the recordings from your private desktop whenever you have time to fit it in. Yes, that means no childcare costs and you can even do the whole course in your PJs! You will have lifetime access to the training, so you can complete it as it fits into your life.


Weekly classes

We will meet live and online on a weekly basis for an interactive, workshop style training session that includes discussion, Q&A, presentations and guest speakers. Can’t make it to the live class? No worries, you can listen to the recording when it works best for you.  


Learning between classes

Learning continues during the week in your private support group where we will discuss, research, and practice our teaching skills. Guest speakers will join us to share their lived experiences and expertise with the material covered in class.


Ongoing Mentorship

Access to your support group continues long after your training is complete. Your instructors and cohort will be there for you as you complete your certification and take your first steps as a doula.


Business Support

Remember how we said Bianca and Natasha did not want any doulas to feel the way they did when they first began their doula business? Well, that’s exactly why we’ve built Business Support into the entire training. You will leave your training feeling 100% confident in growing your business and marketing your doula services and yes you will even learn to sell your services without feeling yucky!



Let’s have the money talk

We want to support you in achieving your goals and making a difference in the lives of new families! To make the training more accessible, we have financing plans available. Completing your payment plan is required.

We are so excited to support you while you invest in yourself, your education and your career!


Let’s talk recertification

Well, in short, we think recert fees are b.s.! You have the information. You have paid your tuition. You are in. Forever! We are also committed to ensuring we offer awesome guest speakers who are birth pros and change makers on our Facebook page so you get to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in the reproductive space and with social justice warriors.

We do have a recertification process. It is a reflective process. It is to ensure that you still feel grounded and present and emotionally and spiritually well as a Maternal Support Practitioner aka doula. There are no fees associated. It is an exercise that you complete and submit to our Program Coordinator every two years. It is something that benefits you and those you serve.

What's inside?

Module 1

What is support and why are we here? Evidence based care and consent


Module 2

Fertility Issues Etiquette, Tests and Treatments


Module 3

Fertility, Loss/Abortion, The Modern Family


Module 4

Anatomy & Physiology of Pregnancy


Module 5

Tests & Procedures


Module 6

Comfort Measures


Module 7

Comfort measures and The Epidural


Module 8

Optimal Fetal Positioning, Fitness and Pelvic Floor Health


Module 9

C-section birth and special circumstances


Module 10

The doula’s role, immediate postpartum and newborn assessment


Module 11

Postpartum care and babywearing


Module 12

The postpartum period and breastfeeding


Module 13

Procedures and protocols - Working with clients


Module 14

Science of Infant Sleep & Mental Wellness


Module 15

BABYWEARING & Postpartum Planning


Module 16

All about your business - Setting you up for success!

amazing add ons


Facebook Group

This training comes with a private support group with peer & instructor support that is there for you 24/7. We totally understand how scary it can be to start working with your first clients. We get it. We have all had our first clients once. Feel 100% supported as you work through your training, build your business, and start working as a doula. Access to this group never ends. We will always be there answering questions and cheering you on!


Business Bonus Class

Class 16 is always reserved for a business bonus class that has historically blown us all away. Learn from an expert guest speaker on various business topics. We have had guests talking about self-worth, marketing, copywriting, money, mobilizing communities to start a movement and much more!


Trauma Group

We have found that learning about and discussing elements of fertility, birth and parenting has led to our students feeling intense emotions as they reflect on their own experiences that may have led to big feelings or even trauma. We also find that practitioners working in the reproductive health space can witness traumatic events happening to their clients. Processing is needed. Care is critical. To support our students, we have set up a group therapy program facilitated by Olivia Scobie that is included in your tuition and runs during the course of the training. This allows a safe space to process and heal. This is a brave space. We’ve got you!


 I loved my experience with Bebo Mia, I had no idea how much I needed them and how much they would add to my life. I joined because I felt like they would give me more than the 2 day classes you can get out there, and boy did they ever! They support you with everything from fertility to prenatal, labour and postpartum to the business side of things! They gave me a community of doulas to feel connected and not alone in this process! I went from wanting to be part of the birthing process to having goals that align with all of my equality values!

They make you feel so welcome that I now want to succeed so that I can make my teachers proud of me as a student!

Stephanie Davidson

The #bebobabes offer something comprehensive and unmatched. There’s really no comparison. I’m so grateful to have found their classes and I’m overwhelmingly satisfied with the magical balance of professional and personable that I have found. The fact that their MSP program comes with such a strong sense of community and business building support is a huge deal to me. Thank you so much for all you do.

Obsidian Anyksandria Xiu

bebo mia means the world to me. I have never felt so confident, as I embark on my journey and starting my Doula and lactation business. They used evidence-based information which is vital to me in my practice. Their trainings are inclusive and they really are in tune with the reality of what families face in birth today! I love that the classes were live and I could ask questions, but if life got away from me (which it did) I have access to the recordings for life and can catch up when the time is right. Bianca is so sweet and has emailed me back quickly whenever I had a question. The staff at bebo mia are so kind and welcoming and I can't thank them enough for the education they provided me with!!

Jacquana Smith

This training is awesome. It is very thorough and covers not just the basics, but goes in depth to prepare you to work with clients and all their varying situations. Because it's online, I had the flexibility to complete it around the schedule of my two small children, but with the live webinars and the online community, you also get to know your classmates, brainstorm and encourage one another to dream. The people that I have studied with are awesome humans with visions for serving parents in their communities worldwide - it's inspiring.

A huge thank you to our trainers and all of the special expert guests who imparted their knowledge, experience and wisdom to us during this course.

I highly recommend bebo mia for anyone who is considering doing their Doula training and trying to decide which certification to pursue.

Aysha bisimwa Ali

bebo mia's MSP training is incredible! After doing some research on Doula trainings (in person and online) I luckily stumbled upon the #bebobabes and joined one of their free webinars, where I fell in love with them and their curriculum. I asked to chat with some of their alumni and they all highly recommended the program. Today, after finishing the training I can say it's a blessing to have stumbled upon them and their training is the best and most comprehensive one you will find out there!!! It just gives you so much more than any other program!! Plus, they are an amazing team!! Fun to listen to, knowledgeable and 100% unbiased!! Thank you for doing this and making it available to everyone around the globe!!

Mercedes Ruiz

The Maternal Support Practitioner (Doula) course is amazing! The online classes have made it possible for me, a busy mom of two, able to work toward my passion.

The classes are fun, exciting and thorough. You truly get everything you would with a weekend workshop and more because you have that continuous support from your fellow classmates and the instructors.

Before bebo mia I felt lost but after finishing my MSP Training I came out with extensive knowledge, support and confidence to be the best I can be for my clients, friends, family and myself.

I found my calling with bebo mia.

Chrissy Southern

The thing I was most excited about, when becoming a doula, was being my own boss but when I took my weekend training it felt quick and rushed. At the end of the weekend training, I didn't feel comfortable taking on clients, and I didn't know how to find them. I felt alone and didn't have anyone to ask questions to. Then I found bebo mia and took their training, everything changed. Since joining the bebo mia family I feel confident in finding clients, becoming my own boss, setting my own schedule.

Cidia Prentt


Code of Ethics

Certification Requirements

Grievance Process

Accommodation Policy





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$1,779 USD
  • Access to all 16 modules
  • Amazing Bonuses and Guest Speakers
  • Flexible & Accessible
  • Live Weekly Classes
  • Weekly Trauma Support Groups
  • Private Online Classroom
  • Learning between Classes
  • Ongoing Mentorship
  • Business Support

Payment plans

We want to support you in achieving your goals! To make the training more accessible, we have financing plans available. There are small financing fees if you choose to go this route. Completing your payment plan is required.


Thinking about signing up for more courses with us? We offer wonderful discounts when you bundle our programs together. Join us this Fall for our MSP program and continue your learning with a specialist program in Winter 2020!


Our Guarantee

We promise that this comprehensive training process will not only set you up for a successful and meaningful career as a doula, it will positively impact your healing and growth journey as an individual. When you train with bebo mia you gain a path to financial independence and create hope for better birth experiences for everyone.