Birth Doula Certification

Your Path to Supporting Families Through Childbirth

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bebo mia birth doula training

 Everything to become a trained and certified birth doula PLUS everything you will need for your doula business and client care... all included!

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The best birth doula training for busy, do-it-right-now kinda people who are ready to jump in and support birth.

Whether you're captivated by the magic of birthing, envisioning your own thriving doula business, or eager to provide invaluable support to a loved one, this course is your gateway to success. Step into your pivotal role in the birthing space armed with the expertise, confidence, and empathy needed to make a lasting impact. Don't just witness births – become the beacon of strength and support that every birthing individual deserves.

As a Birth Doula, you will play a critical role in the birthing space for your loved one or clients. Here is how: 
  • You are going to be the pace car.
  • You are going to remind staff to ask consent.
  • You are going to echo the wishes of the person you are supporting.
  • You are going to be their cheerleader.
  • You are going to keep them safe.
  • You are going to protect the magic of birth.

By the end of this program, you are going to truly make a difference for the people you are choosing to care for.


What's inside?
Birth doula training bebo mia

Module 1

Foundation of Doula Care

We are going to be talking about the pillars of doula care as well as types of support. We will also be deep diving the importance of inclusive language and equity in birth. We would not want to skip health and safety, so you will find that here too!

birth doula training bebo mia module 2

Module 2

Birth as it is & Birth as it should be

Hold onto your hats, we are going to be getting real clear on evidence based care. Toss in some mindfulness for you and your birthing people you are supporting, and it will be a good time. This module is where the Modern Family lessons will live as well.

bebo mia birth doula training module 3

Module 3

Anatomy, Physiology, Stages of Labor, Screens & Inductions

Nervous about the science of it all? Don't be! We have made this into bite-sized chunks and you will understand the ins and outs of the body and labor by the end of this module. We will ensure you feel confident with the screens and tests done as well as where induction and augmentation fits in the picture.

bebo mia birth doula training Module 4

Module 4

Supporting Birth

Class 4 will be a full breakdown of the tools we have to keep people safe and comfortable in labor and birth. This will be through mindfulness, emotional care, as well as physical techniques. You are also going to learn all about the epidural and how we can minimize the risks and side effects - this is so valuable to the folks you are supporting.


Module 5

Fetal positioning, pelvic floor and all about that baby!

We will go through wellness, movement, pelvic floor health and fetal positioning. This will slide nicely into pushing and the third stage of labor. We want you to know about that immediate postpartum period so you can answer the questions of the people you are supporting.


Module 6

Special Circumstances & Mental Wellness

As a doula you support your clients physically, emotionally and informationally. Sometimes there is a little more support needed when we get into special circumstances. These are higher risk situations or operative births. We will also be including mental health and PMADs in this module. It is a good one!


Module 7

Client care & all about your business

How do you get people ready for birth? What paperwork do you need? What do you charge? Ahh so many questions! Well, we have all the answers that you will need. This module is all about taking care of the folks you are supporting. If you are wanting to build a birth doula business, this module is going to be your info bestie!

Plus the things you need to kick off your business!

  • How to choose your business name
  • What to charge
  • Logo ideas
  • What to say at your prenatal appointments
  • Your business planning worksheet
  • 30 days of Instagram posts
  • Social media calendar for the year
  • The birth plan worksheet
  • How to get your first 5 clients
  • How to maximize your client roster
  • What to pack for the hospital
  • Client flow chart and checklist
  • Swipe copy for your business
  • and so much more!

bebo mia birth doula training

About the


It takes a village of amazing humans to support you

through your education and business creation.

Our team of instructors are wildly brilliant, interesting,

fierce social justice warriors & pretty darn funny,

if we do say so ourselves... and we do.


Khessia Rachelle Nabali

Khessia Rachelle Nabali is a doula and educator who currently splits her time between the United States and Haiti. She serves Southern Haiti as a doula through Nabali Natal Support. She also virtually supports clients in the States with a focus on Black reproductive health.

Khessia is a long time educator and administrator of an English school she co-founded with her sister. Her role as an educator in the community allows her to connect to people who desire high quality support when it comes to birth, pregnancy and their postpartum periods. For the past 15 years her focus has been centered around empowering, teaching, and facilitating healing for youth and young adults, specifically folks who identify as girls and women of the African Diaspora. Khessia is a proud bebo mia alumni who lives by the following motto: "Do the best you can, with what you have".

IMG_2756 - Aren Czernin

Aren Czernin

Aren Czernin (She/Her) is one of the three pioneer members of the Bebobabes Ph. She is a Raising Frequencies and a Self-Love Solutions teacher, and a mom to two amazing littles, Ela and André. She lives in Antipolo, Philippines.

Aren believes that the future of birth is beautiful, gentle and loving --whatever the birth outcome may be. She always viewed her own births as routine, and always thought that support could have been better, which led to the birth of her own doula business "Raising Frequencies through Kaligtasan". (Which stands for safety or safe space.) Being part of the Bebobabes Ph and Birth Keepers of the Philippines, she along with her fellow birth workers are paving the way and breaking barriers in the world of birth work for their children and future generations to come.

Vickiana Pena wearing a hoodie and a head wrap. She is cut out and there are pink lines around her for a stylized photo

Vickiana Peña

Vickiana Peña (she/ her) is a  daycare teacher, wife, and mother from Brooklyn, New York. She is a certified birthworker from bebo mia inc. 

She founded The Sistahood of Birthworkers which supports families struggling with or at high risk of perinatal mood disorders within low-income communities. As a Latina living in Brooklyn and struggling with postpartum depression herself, she came to the realization that there is a huge lack of support and greater need of it in her community, that's when her passion for supporting birthers struggling with PPMD came to her life.

Bianca is smiling at the camera while leaning on a desk. She is wearing a grey dress and you can see her from the chest up.

Bianca Sprague

As the founder of bebo mia, Bianca (she/her) feels especially passionate about creating access to quality healthcare for marginalized communities. She lives with her wife and their daughter on the East Coast.

She is an advocate for mental wellness for the entire family. Most recently, Bianca elected to undergo a hysterectomy after years of suffering and has a lot of insight to share on her experiences navigating the health care system. She's got a wealth of information on what to ask and how to create a recovery plan that works best for you and your unique needs.

Would you like to possibly make a

business of it?

We will help you do that too! It is important that you know the first steps to starting your doula business. This is forgotten in most programs and is so critical. 

You may be taking this course to support a friend or family member who wants you as their doula... but what if you love it?

What if you have a little voice inside that wants to see if you can have this as a beautiful side hustle.

We will support you in making that happen! The business videos will be there for you to watch and rewatch and you start and scale your doula business.

Sadly, less than 10% of people who take a weekend doula training are able to do the business elements. So we wanted to fix this!


I’ve been thinking this in my head for weeks now and wanted to reach out to you personally to let you know that you are SO AWESOME. Seriously. With my academic background in science and as an educator (high school science for 10 years) I love your teaching style. It’s very clear and thorough. It’s also very evident that you are super duper knowledgeable about everything you are teaching - and it comes through with confidence. 

Lauren Enright

The teachers at bebo mia are more than just teachers! They are so inclusive, helpful and knowledgeable! They are incredibly easy to talk to and up to date with any current studies and practices. They truly want you to succeed and help you with your climb to the top. bebo mia is different than any other training institution because they create a profound sense of community with their students while providing them with the highest level of education. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities and doors that Bianca and the other #bebobabes have opened up for me. I would recommend bebo mia!!

Kelsey Paige

Hello everyone!!! WOW! The past two nights have been so powerful!


I am getting a ton of great feedback! It really feels like I have a purpose!!!!

Thank you so much bebo mia for providing this amazing course. I was able to build on my existing foundation and offer more to my community!!!

Darrien Minnie

Product Description


Flexible & Accessible

Our programs are delivered online (with a hands-on feel) to provide flexibility and accessibility for your busy life!


Self Study

Modules include: videos, module manual, worksheets, and weekly practice/research assignment. There are 7 in the program.


All learning styles

There will be things to watch, read, explore and listen to so that we engage with your favorite learning approach.


Ongoing Mentorship

You will have access to open office hours monthly, and these never go away!

Don't let your loved ones birth without a doula!

With outcomes dramatically declining, doulas are needed now more than ever.

You will keep people safe while they give birth.

It is pure magic getting to witness and empower and protect birth.

The people you support will be lucky to have you!

Birth Doula Training bebo mia

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We use the Facebook Group, not only to support each other through the training, but also to share our lived experiences and experiences with client care. Access to this group never ends. The community will always be there for you, answering questions and cheering you on!


Upgrade option

We want you to get your feet wet with the stand alone Birth Doula Training. If you become a super #BirthNerd, then transfer over to the 3 in 1 birth doula training. This will get you ready as a full spectrum doula.


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Our Guarantee

We promise that this comprehensive training process will not only set you up for a successful and meaningful career, it will positively impact your healing and growth journey as an individual. When you train with Bebo Mia you gain a path to financial independence and create hope for better birth experiences for everyone.