5 Days of Business Giveaways

we are doing a week of business giveaways to support you in your business


These will support you in developing, or tweaking, the administrative, marketing, and best practices portions of your business and brand.

A woman at her desk trying to work while her daughter hugs her back, then they both smile.

For birth workers + change makers client care is one of our favourite parts of the job. We love to connect, educate and support; it's where we shine the most.

But for many of us we are also entrepreneurs running a business.

A physically disabled woman smiling while working from her laptop.

We know that the business part can feel daunting, overwhelming and distracting from the work you would rather be doing with your clients.

So to help make your life easier, and getting you out and supporting families we have curated something special for you... 

business giveaways to support you in working


rather than harder!

Day 1

Contracts Must-Haves to Protect Your Butt!

Day 2

Elevating Your Consults Cheat Sheet

Day 3

Website Must-Haves... so folks get to know you!

Day 4

Images that slay! A picture does say 1000 words

Day 5

The Map To Find Your Target Market

Because who needs hustle culture?!

We want to make it easier for you to work, rest and play! We know that you are making such a difference in your communities and we are here to amplify you and your mission!

Each day the tool will be an editable doc for you to use however you see fit! Take what makes your heart sing and leave the rest.



Your future is created by what you do today — that's why we created a completely FREE mindset mini-course to help doulas and birth workers find bliss in their business!

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