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Want to get on podcasts?

One of the fastest ways to grow your roster is podcasting

we want to help!

Before you get too nervous and close this...


It is not as scary as you think!

You will just be having a chat about something that you love talking about... and you are good at.

  • You will get a chance to do long form messaging
  • Podcast listeners are demographically the type of people who would be open to your services
  • You will talk right into the ears of thousands of people at 1 time

Get onto podcasts in 3 east steps:

  1. Pick the podcasts that are aligned with you. Listen to as many as possible to discover places to collaborate. (ProTip: Increase playback speed to audit faster)
  2. Make a speakers page - we can help you with this if you want to book a session.
  3. Send a pitch email - want copy for this? Keep scrolling for swipe copy!
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Swipe Copy

Hi _____,

I'm _____ founder of ______. (1 sentence about your business). I’ve been listening to the _______ podcast for a few months now and I really appreciate the content that you put out there for (INSERT THE TOPIC OF RELEVANCE) 

Some of my favourite episodes include _______________, __________________, and _________________.

As active members of the reproductive health space we have noticed that there are some topics that aren’t being talked about enough, and want to see those become a part of the mainstream conversation. Since these topics come up in our community, maybe they come up in yours too? We would love to pitch ourselves as podcast guests, contributing to three of the big conversations where we see a gap to fill:

  1. ____________________
  2. ____________________
  3. ____________________

Do you think any of those would be a good fit for the _______ podcast? 

We would be so pumped to be featured on a podcast we’ve been listening to religiously for months and more importantly, would really love to share some valuable insights with your listeners to help them navigate (TOPIC OF RELEVANCE).

Thanks for considering us, and we hope there’s an opportunity to move forward with an episode!

Talk soon, 

__(your name)___

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