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Fertility Specialist Certification

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Infertility rates are increasing, with an estimated 48.5 million couples, and 186 million individuals living with infertility.  Folks going through it often feel alone, unsupported, and overwhelmed, this is where you come in. The Fertility Specialist program has been specifically curated to educate perinatal professionals on ways to provide support, comfort, and evidence-based information to people going through infertility. 

As a Fertility Specialist, you will understand the latest in reproductive science and the body’s psychophysiological response to stress, and how that impacts fertility.

Use this certification to support families as a Fertility Doula or nurture this specialty into your current services. Once you have completed this course, your understanding of the emotional experience of (in)fertility at all stages, as well as the technicalities involved with getting pregnant through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), will set you apart as a practitioner.


How can I use my Fertility Specialist Certification?

Our approach brings together multiple modalities to ensure your education is an holistic and well-rounded approach in order to physically, emotionally, and informationally support your clients. You will have the knowledge needed to facilitate support groups in your community and/or support clients/couples with individualized care.

Temperature measurement in a natural family planning method.



Fertility Doula

Main Course
  • Support the many stages of (in)fertility including ART and loss
  • Discuss hormones related to fertility
  • Teach mindfulness and relaxation tools that call on the relaxation response
  • Navigate the options available to your clients
  • Provide cycle charting support
  • Create holistic fertility plans that work to create balance within the mind and body
  • Attend clinic appointments/treatments
  • Support your (in)fertility clients through early pregnancy (and why it’s different)

*Training as a birth and/or wellness practitioner recommended, not required for the main course. We do recommend our 3-in-1 training if you want to be a full-spectrum doula.


Fertility Yoga

*Add-on Portion
  • Provide safe & effective group classes that nurture your participants’ needs
  • Modify poses for different stages of the menstrual cycle and/or ART treatments
  • Create sequences that enhance fertility, relaxation and blood flow
  • Teach mindfulness and relaxation tools that call on the relaxation response
  • Create guided meditations for your group classes or one-on-one clients
  • Offer in-home private sessions that cater to your clients’ unique cycle and/or treatments

*Proof of Teacher Training as a yoga instructor is
required for this add-on portion. Must be submitted to [email protected]

Want to facilitate a support group

in your community?

We will help you do that too! You will be creating a safe space for people trying to conceive (TTC) where they can process their reproductive journey. That is an invaluable addition to your community!


We provide you with a comprehensive curriculum to be able to facilitate a 6-week fertility mind & movement course that will give you the tools you will need to educate students on how to overcome barriers that are set up to make this journey stressful. In this program, we will look at fertility in a holistic way including nutrition, movement, mental wellness, meditation, and more.

With 1 in 5 couples experiencing fertility issues, now is the time to connect and support these individuals and families trying to conceive.


About the


It takes a village of amazing humans to support you

through your education and business creation.

Our team of instructors are wildly brilliant, interesting,

fierce social justice warriors & pretty darn funny,

if we do say so ourselves... and we do.


Emily Gold

Joining bebo mia inc. as co-facilitator is New York Native Emily Gold; a yoga therapist, doula and public health specialist residing in Brussels Belgium.

Emily is trained in a variety of yogic modalities including Hatha, Yin, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga and Womb Yoga. She weaves these modalities to create practices and teachings that are gentle and accessible, focusing on acceptance, growth and healing.


Saran James-Vaughan

Saran James-Vaughan (She/Her) is a Menstrual Health Educator, Wellness Coach and Culture Curator. She is the founder of Wellness By Saran, which is a full-service Holistic Wellness Education platform dedicated to Menstrual Health and a decolonized approach to well-being.

Saran helps Menstruating people achieve optimal hormone and reproductive health, reduce stress, and live according to their natural rhythms and cycles. 

Workshop Collaborators Headshots

Meg Kant

Meg as bebo mia's Applifier of Connection she is supporting all students, teams, and the community as they grow in their education. With a  psychology background, she brings her high-touch support to her client as a birth worker in Northern Ontario.

She has been providing maternal support for over 5 years and specializes in supporting parents who have or are at high risk of developing a perinatal mood disorder as well as those who have experienced a pregnancy loss.
After losing her 1st son Zennon at 4.5 months pregnant, and then developing severe antenatal depression in her subsequent pregnancy, she became a passionate advocate for supporting parents through their pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.

Regina Townsend

Regina Townsend is a professional youth librarian, infertility advocate, and founder of The Broken Brown Egg.

She is passionate about bringing light and representation to the struggle of infertility and its mental, social, and emotional impacts on the African American community.

She believes in connecting people to the resources they need to make informed health decisions. Her Players 2 & 3 are her husband Jahbari, and their long-awaited son, Judah.


Bianca Sprague

As founder for bebo mia, Bianca feels especially passionate about creating access to quality healthcare for marginalized communities.

She is an advocate for mental wellness for the entire family. Most recently, Bianca elected to undergo a hysterectomy after years of suffering and has a lot of insight to share on her experiences navigating the health care system. She's got a wealth of information on what to ask and how to create a recovery plan that works best for you and your unique needs.

Why we created

this FSC

When bebo mia first opened its doors as a one-stop shop for pregnancy and birth, fertility work was not even on our radar. However, over the past 15 years of working in the reproductive space, it has become abundantly clear that there is a significant need for fertility support. This is an area in the reproductive journey that often gets overlooked, but folks need support, and this program was created with that goal in mind.

Many people in the bebo mia community (as well as on our team) have been touched by (in)fertility experiences and we have seen a huge gap in the care they receive. When people feel informed, supported, and educated they are more comfortable and confident making decisions, and fertility support is an important area of people’s reproductive journeys. 

Fertility spans beyond understanding assistive technology, it is understanding bodies and connecting people to themselves, and supporting their experiences.

FERT Photo


Free Workshop: Working with the Modern Family

Like every area of health care, there are the layers of overt and covert harm that comes to folks. Being fat, queer, and/or racialized, or having certain class markers, to name a few) will impact the care that individuals will receive. We see these humans and want to restore their dignity and honor as they walk the path into parenthood. 

We recognize that there is still a stigma attached to the infertility struggle… and there is still a lack of support. And now we want to share this information to as many professionals as we can in the hopes that these services reach more places and more people who need it.

Product Description


Flexible & Accessible

Our programs are delivered online (with a hands-on feel) to provide flexibility and accessibility for your busy life!


Weekly classes

A new module will be released each week. Modules include: videos, module manual, worksheets, and weekly practice/research assignment.


Learning between classes

Learning continues during the week in your private support group where we will discuss, research, and practice our new skills.


Ongoing Mentorship

Access to your support group continues even after the 6 week training period. Your instructors and cohort will be there for you as you take your first steps as a Fertility Support Specialist!

What's inside?

Module 1

Mind & Fertility

What came first: stress or infertility? We talk about the autonomic nervous system and how you can support your clients in staying in the parasympathetic (versus sympathetic) nervous system to support fertility. This will be a deep dive into the hormones and the nervous system for fertility.


Module 2

Reproductive Anatomy & Physiology

We will look at the internal and external reproductive anatomy and explore common (and not so common) causes of infertility. We will navigate tests, treatments, options for family building, and cycle charting. This section will also cover grief, early loss, termination for medical reasons, and abortion.


Module 3

Understanding Your Clients

Infertility can be a devastating experience and it’s important for us as practitioners to understand the journey as best we can, especially if this is not your lived experience. We will look at the history of infertility as well as the impact, etiquette, navigating options, and resources you will need to support your clients. We will also explore working with clients that walk in this world as Fat, Queer, neurodiverse, and more. Family structures are not the same and how we work with each family unit needs to be individualized.


Module 4

The Tools

Class 4 will be a full breakdown of tools we can use as a Fertility Support Specialist. This is a multi-modality approach bringing tools from the realms of coaching, mindfulness, hypnotherapy and breathwork.


Module 5

Putting it together

We will wrap up with the how-to’s for facilitating a group class and/or individualized care. Instead of a prescriptive approach to care we offer step-by-step guides for creating plans that are specific for each client. This portion is key for growing your fertility services.


Module 6

Doula Specialist

As a doula, or aspiring doula, you support your clients physically, emotionally and informationally. How does this support change, or remain the same, as you work with clients during every stage of (in)fertility? This module will explore how you can effectively support a client during preconception, treatments, alternative paths to parenting, early pregnancy, birth after infertility and much more.


Module 7

Yoga Specific

If you are already working in a movement space with teacher training you can join us for our Yoga Fertility Speciality portion of the course. Take the knowledge from the previous modules onto your mat and provide your students with a safe and loving fertility yoga flow. This module will provide you with the knowledge & experience of moving through poses that increase fertility. You will understand how to modify movement for cycles and treatments and why, and become known as an expert in your field. A teaching training or comparable certification in fitness is required to have this portion unlocked after purchasing the full fertility training course. 

amazing add ons


Facebook Group

This program and the tools provided are designed to be experienced within our own body. We use the Facebook Group, not only to support each other through the training, but to move through the practices and share our lived experiences. Access to this group never ends. We will always be there for you, answering questions and cheering you on!



Completion of this program includes a 6-week Outline so that you can host your own Mind & Movement Support Group. You can use the Outline as is to start teaching right away or edit it to include your own expertise, style, and brand. Have a specialty that you would like to include? You can add it to the Outline so your Support Group will have your unique touch!


I’ve been thinking this in my head for weeks now and wanted to reach out to you personally to let you know that you are SO AWESOME. Seriously. With my academic background in science and as an educator (high school science for 10 years) I love your teaching style. It’s very clear and thorough. It’s also very evident that you are super duper knowledgeable about everything you are teaching - and it comes through with confidence. I’m LOVING the fertility course - it brings together all elements that I am passionate about: science, yoga, meditation, and working with people. My case study client enjoyed our time together so much she’s personally handing out my cards!

Lauren Enright

The teachers at bebo mia are more than just teachers! They are so inclusive, helpful and knowledgeable! They are incredibly easy to talk to and up to date with any current studies and practices. They truly want you to succeed and help you with your climb to the top. bebo mia is different than any other training institution because they create a profound sense of community with their students while providing them with the highest level of education. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities and doors that Bianca, Natasha and the other #bebobabes have opened up for me. I would recommend bebo mia!!

Kelsey Paige

Hello everyone!!! WOW! The past two nights have been so powerful! So I taught my new and improved Fertility Yoga Class. It was great... Last week the yoga manager messaged me saying only two people signed up so we should cancel but I said no! And I had SEVEN women arrive with 3 saying they are going to do drop in classes going forward.

The class was good. I think we all were nervous. Actually I know we all were. But it really went well. Lots of tears. But it was a gentle class and at the end everyone felt relaxed. I made a special blend of essential oils in a spray and they loved that! In savasana I went around with my sound bowl and warmed my hands and held the feet of each participant. Sending them with love and light. Before class I had created an altar and put up affirmation cards. Had my essential oils diffuser going too. It was so cozy!

This group was a mix of individuals who have not been able to conceive (unexplained infertility) at all and others who have had traumatic losses. And even though each journey is so different, the empathy and compassion was AMAZING to experience.

And today I went to lunch with 3 women who attended my Yoga for Fertility classes LAST year who are all pregnant! They call us the "Fertility Warrior Mamas Group!"


I am getting a ton of great feedback! It really feels like I have a purpose!!!!

Thank you so much bebo mia for providing this amazing course. I was able to build on my existing foundation and offer more to my community!!!

Darrien Minnie

This alumni testimonial was provided in the FSC Private Facebook Group.



Online training


See you in class!


$879 USD
  • Access to all 6 modules
  • PLUS! Amazing bonuses
  • Flexible & Accessible
  • Weekly Classes
  • Learning between Classes
  • Ongoing Mentorship

Are you a Yoga Instructor and want to add Fertility Yoga to your offerings? Sign up HERE for our Fertility Yoga portion of the Fertility Support Specialist Program!

Payment plans

We want to support you in achieving your goals! To make the training more accessible, we have financing plans available. There are small financing fees if you choose to go this route. Completing your payment plan is required.


Our Guarantee

We promise that this comprehensive training process will not only set you up for a successful and meaningful career, it will positively impact your healing and growth journey as an individual. When you train with bebo mia you gain a path to financial independence and create hope for better birth experiences for everyone.