Doula or Not?

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Are you passionate about supporting expectant parents and making a positive impact during their childbirth journey? Do you find joy in providing emotional, physical, and informational support?

Take our Doula Quiz and find out if you should become a doula.

This interactive quiz will help you uncover your true calling in the world of birth support and maternal care.


At the end of the quiz, you'll receive a personalized result that will shed light on your potential as a doula.

Whether you're just starting to explore this path or considering a career change, our quiz will provide valuable insights to guide your decision-making process.'s Quiz time!

One of your family members or friends is pregnant or just had a baby. You...

You are dissatisfied or outright angry about the state of affairs with the outcomes and care for parents and babies

You see that the best outcomes in birth would have the team for medical care and the doula’s role for emotional support, educational and informational care, and advocacy

When it comes to reading about (and watching and talking about and writing about…) birth and babies, you would say that you are a...

You, or someone you care about, had a birth outcome that left you upset and you never want anyone to have this happen to them! (Or the reverse, you had or witnessed a beautiful birth and want everyone to get that experience?)

You love the flexibility of starting your own practice or being able to be a collective member or an employee for an agency

The idea of witnessing the magic of birth as your job makes you squeal with delight!

You want to have a career that keeps your littles or fur babies home with you, or just working from home solo

Your friend asks you what wrap (or stroller or pump or, or, or) to buy. You...

Are nervous to take a training because there are so many! You do know you want the...

You want to take a doula training that supports you as a doula, teaches you how to run a business and where you meet 100 of your new birth besties?

Doula or Not? Take the Quiz to Decide
Empower Your Doula Journey

Empower your doula journey

Run, do not walk, and register for your doula training! You already are a great resource for your family and friends, now let’s make it official. It sounds like a quality doula training is important to you. Us too! Our doula training is 17 weeks long so you learn everything you need to know to be in a medical profession. At the end of the training you are a certified fertility, birth and postpartum doula. Yup, 3 in 1 for the win! PLUS we offer: free therapy to our students and alumni, we have no recertification fees, You have lifelong continuing education from us, We teach you HOW to run a doula business! Wanna chat more about our programs? Happy to jump on a call with you! Send us an email [email protected] While you are waiting for your life-changing doula training to begin, you can listen to our Hot+Brave podcast here…
Embark on Your Doula Path

Embark on Your Doula Path

It sounds like you are really wanting to be a doula and you do not know where to start. How do you pick a training? What should you be looking for? Who do you even ask about this? We get it, we were there too many years ago! So, we made a free video to help you get started on your doula training hunt. You can check that you here. After that you should have all your questions answered! Then you will be ready to jump in both feet! When you are ready, grab your spot in our doula training right here. Wanna chat more about this? Happy to jump on a call with you! Send us an email [email protected]
Nurture Your Doula Dream

Nurture your doula dream

You may have thought about being a doula before, you know, a little voice that sometimes gets a bit louder when you see a baby or a friend talks about birth. We get it, our amazing alumni start at this point too. That little flame grows and grows when it is fanned. We want to help you fan that. We have a free video that will help you get clear on what a doula is and what they do. At the end of this, you can grab a spot in our incredible and comprehensive doula training if it feels right for you! Wanna chat more about this? Happy to jump on a call with you! Send us an email [email protected]

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