connecting you to

to your intrinsic

value and



bebo mia inc.

is fiercely committed to our mission of connecting you to your intrinsic value and power, and more importantly, bebo mia is fiercely committed to ensuring all bodies feel represented, seen & cared for.

We provide inclusive and accessible trainings that provide the skills needed to grow and sustain a lucrative business while bridging the gap between birthing people and health care professionals.


bebo mia

The story of bebo mia starts off on a very similar path to that of many other doulas. The co-founders, Bianca & Natasha, had trained with different organizations but their experience was similar. They both finished their weekend trainings with the same sinking feeling in their stomachs and the same thoughts swirling around, ‘What now?!’.

The business training they did have didn’t feel applicable to their new doula businesses and they had very few connections within the birth community. What’s more is that it felt next to impossible to create connections with other birth workers. They had no idea how to find clients. And had no idea who was going to support THEM when they stepped into a birth space for the very first time.

Bianca & Natasha were alone in a big birth world trying to carve out their own paths and instead they found each other. Their relationship instantly blossomed while setting up their booths at a local trade show. Bianca often says that Natasha is the yin to her yang...


and the foundation of bebo mia began to take shape.

born out of necessity bebo mia has grown into

A thriving community

(Hint – it was messy).

When Natasha & Bianca met one thing connected them immediately - the understanding that, for the most part, folks were not being set up for success to have babies. And that there was lots of room to get creative with fertility, birth & postpartum education & training. Natasha & Bianca's shared superpower is their grit. When they have a vision with a goal in mind they put their heads down and they keep pushing forward, moving towards it and then beyond.

Now, we are not going to lie to you (of course we’re not!) - starting and then growing a business while raising our kids as solo-parents was really *bleeping* hard. The years that followed bebo mia’s birth were full of grief and separations and custody battles and relationships starting & ending and also there was some joy in there. And, for the most part, sloppy and clumsy and *bleeping* hard. We struggled a lot, we learned through trial and error, we made tons of mistakes (and we still do!) and some of those mistakes really cost us in times when we not only couldn't afford it, we just didn't have it. 

We lost

a whole lot

We lost business partners, friends, money, time….. and no matter what, bebo mia persisted.

Natasha & Bianca kept working until they got it right (we like to call that grit) and they opened the first doula agency in Canada. Bianca & Natasha started with $25 each to invest and a mountain of sweat equity. They began hiring and mentoring doulas so they could focus on the work that they love and they became a 6 figure business in just under one year!

Comically, most business meetings, interviews, photoshoots, and staff get-togethers were done with babies in arms or toddlers pulling at the executive team’s pants. Meetings with the accountant and lawyers were completed with babies at the breast, or slightly older children spilling juice across important documents found on the table. The really challenging times were when we were also doing client care. There was a two and a half year period where we each had 1 or 2 births a week while still running the company and taking care of our families. Some days were overwhelming and we had a goal so we kept going!


Now, with an incredible team, we help others

do the same.

More and more aspiring birth workers were coming to us for training, and more and more we felt pulled toward doing this work. We love teaching and supporting others and knew there was need for more comprehensive birth worker trainings. So we decided to make it official and we opened the doors to our Maternal Support Practitioner training program, which was at first in a brick & mortar space and later on we moved it exclusively online.

When bebo mia moved online the team was scared that we would lose the touchthat we had created in our brick and mortar space. What we were delighted to learn was that we actually created MORE connection in the digital space. People from around the world joined the programs and shared their culture and wisdom with everyone. Everyone had 24/7 access to one another. Today, we have students in over 32 countries!

Working in a system designed to break us!

We used to say the system is broken - now we know it has been perfectly designed to keep us from connecting to our purpose and power.

We wanted to create a space that felt safe for everyone, including those in marginalized communities. The business models we were being taught felt out of alignment - and quite frankly yucky! They were solidifying a system that was part of the problem. We scraped all the 'hustle' culture and decided to run our business based on the values we hold as an anti-oppressive, anti-racist, trauma-informed and intersectional feminist business.

We wanted to create an organization where all bodies and all people would be represented and honoured. We wanted to create an organization that embodied holistic advocacy. We are the first doula training organization to remove gendered language from our teaching manuals & slides. We are proud to be a doula certification that acknowledges the land we are on at the beginning of our programs and followed it up by connecting with Indigenous communities to learn about what needs we can fulfill as a training organization. And we are the only doula training that offers online group trauma processing therapy to support our students as they process their own trauma(s) while learning.


Business training is a


For those doulas who already completed training and wanted a business jump start, we launched our online Doula Business School which matured into the Don't Doula it Yourself Business Membership. Through both programs we support and mentor doulas & other birth professionals. Whether our members are just in the beginning stages of their career, or they are setting up an agency, we hold their hands and help them through.


And we

love it!

Although our business has expanded to include more programs and continuing education we have not lost sight of the importance of nurturing and loving each and every person that chooses to learn with us. We truly want to connect folx to their intrinsic value and power. We dont want anyone to leave their training feeling lost and overwhelmed, or worse, give up. We never want to see another birth worker (or any other fertility/birth/postpartum professional) give up because they dont have the support they need. And most importantly, we want to change the birth landscape, around the world. The current systems we are working within were not designed to put the birther first. We are dedicated to educating and mentoring birth workers that will affect positive change, and will do so minding & mending the gap between families and health care providers. We love, love, love getting up each morning and doing this work. We cannot imagine doing anything else that would feel as rewarding or meaningful as this.


if you are sitting there wondering if you can make a living doing what you love while making an invaluable contribution to the world, the answer is YES! And if you need support along the way, we are here for you