7 Ways a Doula Can Support Birthers and Families

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7 Ways a Doula Can Support Birthers and Families: World Doula Week

It’s World Doula Week  and we’re celebrating!


Birth Workers aka doulas are changing the landscape of birth worldwide, providing support and safety, encouraging agency and autonomy and changing birth experiences AND outcomes. We love birth work and birth workers, and are deeply grateful for the work they’re doing. Birth workers are change makers but don’t take our word for it.


Here are some fun birth worker facts that might surprise (and delight!) you:

???? Doula-assisted birthers were 4X less likely to have a low birth weight (LBW) baby

???? Doula-assisted birthers were 2X less likely to experience a birth complication involving themselves or their baby

???? Doula-assisted birthers were significantly more likely to initiate breastfeeding

???? Continuous support by doulas report significant reductions in cesarean births, instrumental vaginal births, and need for oxytocin augmentation

???? Skilled birth workers empower a woman and/or birther to communicate their needs and perceptions and actualize their dream of a healthy, positive birth experience

???? Continuous support by doulas report significantly shortened durations of labor

???? Continuous support by birth workers also has been associated with higher newborn Apgar scores (greater than 7) and overall higher satisfaction by birthers with the birthing process


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7 Ways a Doula Can Support



As you can see, birth workers are changing the birth space in meaningful and measurable ways. Improved birth experiences, improved birth outcomes for birthers and babies, shorter labors, less (unnecessary) medical interventions, fewer complications. There are a million reasons to hire a birth worker (aka doula) to support you and your family and these are just a few!


Please join us in celebrating and acknowledging the tireless and impactful work that birth workers do every single day worldwide. We are forever grateful!


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As part of the celebration, it is important to share and recognize the hard and impactful work of birth workers in the lives of people going through the process of fertility, childbirth, and postpartum. Join us in sharing this.

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Where did all this 7 Ways a Doula Can Support Birthers and Families come from?

As you know, we love to share evidence-based information . So we share with you the sources in this list:



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