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The Ember Blueprint


Take this in

… everyday over 800 babies are left without their mother. This is happening in Canada and the USA… and this is preventable.

These are your sisters, mothers, cousins, friends, and wives.

Alongside this issue within the health system, globally, so many families are facing pandemic-related issues around employment and financial stability. So many of the financial providers lost their jobs and are still struggling to find employment. The cost of living just keeps rising. The access to relief funds have ended.


Stop Wishing Your Body Was Different Workshop (1)

We have the solution

Women and queer folks in trades. 

Trades that are working within the field of reproductive health.

Educating and protecting and caring for families so that partners can ensure that they take their spouse and baby home, safe and well.

By providing scholarships for tuition into the trades, women and queer folks can enter the paid workforce thereby supplementing their household incomes or become economically self-sufficient… This is decreasing the financial burden on their families.

The graduates of The Ember Blueprint go on to work within the healthcare sector supporting families during their reproductive health journeys. The entire family benefits from care. Partners are supported, hospital stays are shorter, and birth outcomes are improved significantly.

Graduates from The Ember Blueprint are changing the world.

  • With over 350 alumni of the program, the ripple effect has been significant.
  • Women are: finding safe housing,
  • they are paying off medical bills,
  • they are role models for their children,
  • they are building thriving businesses,
  • and strengthening their communities.

They are also saving lives.

Every one of the graduates has gone on to care for families by ushering them through pregnancy and birth safely.


We need you!

The Ember Blueprint is raising funds for tuition for women and queer folks in trades as well as stipends for students to provide care to under-resourced families. With over one thousand applicants in the last 5 years, it is clear that access to tuition is a barrier for women entering the trades.



is at the core of The Ember Blueprint

The individuals who have completed & graduated from the trades program through The Ember Blueprint are from all over the world and yet there is a constant feeling of closeness and connection. 

Check out some of our recipients


The Pinay Doulas Collective

Each year bebo mia set aside a small scholarship fund for their Maternal Support Practitioner Program (aka Doula Certification). Each year we talk with the most unbelievable women, strong, supportive women who are true community leaders. Often times, these women do not have the resources to jump into a doula training, but want it so bad I can feel it in their voice or their stories. This year a whole group of women showed up at our (online) door, and we could just tell they are here to make big changes, and we cannot wait to watch that happen!

Kate Ubermuth


My name is Kate Ubermuth and my pronouns are she/her. I have known that I identify as an intersectional feminist since about Sophomore year of high school. I became interested in birth work in my Sophomore year, the sheer power that birthing people have as well as the gross injustices that they often face called on me to learn more. I created an independent study about the role of midwives and doulas throughout history and today and recently finished up one about the reproductive justice movement. At the core of it all, I want to be a doula because 1) I want to help people tap into the power and intuition that they have been told to ignore, and 2) I want to increase love and empathy in this world.

Erin Vinson


My name is Erin Vinson. Lover of all things purple, sweet tea, photography, and animals of course! I’m a 26-year-old, mother to one sweet little nugget, my two-month-old, Edyn Azalea. Overall, I would like to consider myself a nice fusion of earthy, birth-y, and a heaping scoop of nerdy. Sharing my experiences through the application process for the Be Brave Award moved me to be just that. Brave. The Be Brave Award is shaping the future of my life and career path as I ultimately embark on being a changemaker for the birthing community. I plan to build my business on the grounds of restoring and creating more positive experiences shared between the relationship between providers, birth workers, and birthing clients



My name is Brianna. I am a 27-year-old single woman living in South Florida with my adorable dog, Freddie. I am currently studying to become a licensed massage therapist alongside starting the training to become a doula. When it comes to the future, I am so happy and excited to look forward. I believe that birth is a time of transition and growth, and that everyone deserves a happy, healthy, and safe birth experience. I want to be able to hold classes and support groups for parents – like Mommy and Me or Daddy and Me courses – in infant massage, and to be able to create a safe space for parents to talk about the joys and struggles of parenthood

Dy’Ana Turner


My name is Dy’Ana Turner; I am the single mom of an amazing 5-year-old and a veteran of the U.S. Army. Community is the backbone of our cities, my parents and community nurtured a spirit of always wanting to give back and be of service. I grew up in the Bay Area of California, we were the trickle-down of the immersive community efforts of The Black Panther Party. I knew I wanted to serve those I saw every day who were subjected to less access to those who and that which would support healthier journeys before, during, and after childbirth. I wanted this scholarship because I am ready to begin my journey to become a valuable member of the MSP community and outward.



"I came across bebo mia randomly through the Birth Hour Insta-stories and I found out about their workshop talking about their program. The title "Maternal Support Practitioner" Training struck me. It was the perfect qualification to get the knowledge I needed. " - Afra Said Ahmed, Bebo Mia Student + Scholarship Recipient

Over the last 9 years we have given out over $300, 000
in full and partial scholarships

The Ember Blueprint

The Ember Blueprint from bebo mia inc. offers scholarship placements to people in financial need so that they can complete a trade program to launch them into the field of reproductive health.  

The Ember Blueprint has issued scholarships and trainings to people from all over the world including Ireland, England, Philippines, Canada, US, Bahrain, Belgium, Australia, France, Indonesia, Israel, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Panama.

over the past 9 years we have awarded over 400 partial and 124 full scholarships!



With the program constantly expanding and evolving, 2018 marked the addition of the Scholarship Committee which is made up of volunteers from the bebo mia community. We want to introduce you to some of bebo mia’s MSP Scholarship Committee! We'll be adding a few new faces this session too... 

Linda Bio Image Headshot

Linda Camacho-Marmolejos


Emily Ferris

e099bdd4-a04f-41d7-967c-3359044dc923 - Dahab Galal


IMG_2738 - Stephanie Griffith

Stephanie Griffith


Marissa Bolaños

Kelly headshot

Kelly Williams


Bianca Sprague

Vickiana Pena




Ariana Lazo


IMG_1811 - KeAundra Royster

KeAundra Royster (Battle)

589cd4_d929b8660a0a4675a6d4abfc417e95d2~mv2 - Christiannah Williams-Ehrman

Christiannah Williams-Ehrman

IMG_2756 - Aren Czernin

Aren Czernin Arguelles Dandan

IMG_1876 - Sarah Wykoff

Sarah muckala

RedHairedDoula - Gracious Birth

Ria Adea Magundayao

Amanda Russel

Amanda Russell-Yorke

IMG_1668 - Ellymaris Hernandez

Elly Hernandez

Leila Walker Picture - Leila Walker

Leila Walker


Scholarship applications for March 2024 session are coming soon!

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