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Certifications for doulas and change makers. Online classrooms with fertility, birth and postpartum trainings!

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bebo mia inc.

is a training & mentorship organization for birth nerds, doulas & change makers wanting to work, or are already working, in the reproductive health field. Yes, that is you, Childbirth Educator, parenting specialist, birth professionals, and doulas!

We know you are busy. We know that you also want to take your fertility certification. Or you dream of being a labour doula. Or you want to expand as a postpartum doula.

We make it possible!

All our programs are designed to get you certified without having to sacrifice your family, hobbies, other work or yourself.

We offer comprehensive skills, business support & community through an innovative approach to online education so that you feel loved & support by the educators & peers you are learning with.

Inclusion in reproductive health is one of our top priorities and we approach everything that we do with an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, trauma-informed and intersectional lens.

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Is an amazing space for fertility doulas, labour doulas and postpartum doulas. You can join while you are on the hunt for the perfect doula training, or while you are working on your doula certification. This group will provide the support you need to create a successful business.

You will find all of the love and support needed, as well as advice and resources to help you navigate your journey as a doula.

We encourage you to join the group, ask questions, help your fellow community members when you can, and lift each other up with kindness and empathy.

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You will find amazing support documents for all types of doulas. Check out our Contract Do’s and Don’ts, Client Document Templates and other business tools! These will support you in building your doula business and support you in completing your doula certification! 


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 I loved my experience with Bebo Mia, I had no idea how much I needed them and how much they would add to my life. I joined because I felt like they would give me more than the 2 day classes you can get out there, and boy did they ever! They support you with everything from fertility to prenatal, labour and postpartum to the business side of things! They gave me a community of doulas to feel connected and not alone in this process! I went from wanting to be part of the birthing process to having goals that align with all of my equality values!

They make you feel so welcome that I now want to succeed so that I can make my teachers proud of me as a student!

Stephanie Davidson

The #bebobabes offer something comprehensive and unmatched. There’s really no comparison. I’m so grateful to have found their classes and I’m overwhelmingly satisfied with the magical balance of professional and personable that I have found. The fact that their MSP program comes with such a strong sense of community and business building support is a huge deal to me. Thank you so much for all you do.

Obsidian Anyksandria Xiu

bebo mia means the world to me. I have never felt so confident, as I embark on my journey and starting my Doula and lactation business. They used evidence-based information which is vital to me in my practice. Their trainings are inclusive and they really are in tune with the reality of what families face in birth today! I love that the classes were live and I could ask questions, but if life got away from me (which it did) I have access to the recordings for life and can catch up when the time is right. Bianca is so sweet and has emailed me back quickly whenever I had a question. The staff at bebo mia are so kind and welcoming and I can't thank them enough for the education they provided me with!!

Jacquana Smith

This training is awesome. It is very thorough and covers not just the basics, but goes in depth to prepare you to work with clients and all their varying situations. Because it's online, I had the flexibility to complete it around the schedule of my two small children, but with the live webinars and the online community, you also get to know your classmates, brainstorm and encourage one another to dream. The people that I have studied with are awesome humans with visions for serving parents in their communities worldwide - it's inspiring.

A huge thank you to our trainers and all of the special expert guests who imparted their knowledge, experience and wisdom to us during this course.

I highly recommend bebo mia for anyone who is considering doing their Doula training and trying to decide which certification to pursue.

Aysha bisimwa Ali

bebo mia's MSP training is incredible! After doing some research on Doula trainings (in person and online) I luckily stumbled upon the #bebobabes and joined one of their free webinars, where I fell in love with them and their curriculum. I asked to chat with some of their alumni and they all highly recommended the program. Today, after finishing the training I can say it's a blessing to have stumbled upon them and their training is the best and most comprehensive one you will find out there!!! It just gives you so much more than any other program!! Plus, they are an amazing team!! Fun to listen to, knowledgeable and 100% unbiased!! Thank you for doing this and making it available to everyone around the globe!!

Mercedes Ruiz

The Maternal Support Practitioner (Doula) course is amazing! The online classes have made it possible for me, a busy mom of two, able to work toward my passion.

The classes are fun, exciting and thorough. You truly get everything you would with a weekend workshop and more because you have that continuous support from your fellow classmates and the instructors.

Before bebo mia I felt lost but after finishing my MSP Training I came out with extensive knowledge, support and confidence to be the best I can be for my clients, friends, family and myself.

I found my calling with bebo mia.

Chrissy Southern

The thing I was most excited about, when becoming a doula, was being my own boss but when I took my weekend training it felt quick and rushed. At the end of the weekend training, I didn't feel comfortable taking on clients, and I didn't know how to find them. I felt alone and didn't have anyone to ask questions to. Then I found bebo mia and took their training, everything changed. Since joining the bebo mia family I feel confident in finding clients, becoming my own boss, setting my own schedule.

Cidia Prentt

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