S2 E11 Expectations and Reality: How to Reclaim Joys of Motherhood

Joys of motherhood

This week Bianca and Marissa chat about societal expectations around motherhood all the way from getting pregnant to the parenting experience. They also talk about the ways in which we can reclaim joys of motherhood, play, connection, and love in our identities as mothers and how that experience can be deeply healing and transformational. They discuss…

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Healing in Community: Student Edition recovering from CPTSD

healing from cptsd

  This week Bianca is joined by two of our incredible alumni: Vicky Cadot and DeZarayé Manning. Both Vicky and DeZarayé share their passion for birth, healing and body autonomy. Vicky,  recovering from CPTSD (Complex Postraumatic Stress Disorder). She was suffering religious and sexual abuse. After suffering a panic attack while caring for her children,…

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How the Postpartum Snapback is a Recipe for Suffering

postpartum snapback

    This week Bianca and Meg are talking about one of the most harmful, almost comical lies we tell new parents: the idea that they will be able to “bounce” or “snap” back into their pre-pregnancy life. This devastating myth has us focusing on all the wrong things: shrink your body, hide any signs…

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Linda’s Healing Journey: embracing RV Lifestyle, Hot + Brave Podcast

RV lifestyle

  This week Bianca interviews Linda Eileen Fearless Birther, amazing doula, homeschooling mom, peer mentor, RV lifestyle and Bebo Mia community member. Linda’s family’s healing journey started with pain. After Linda got injured her household had to be re-structured and her husband found himself in a new role that had him questioning a lot of…

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The power of Embracing Every Emotion on Infant Sleep with Greer Kirshenbaum

infant sleep guidelines

  This week Bianca talks to Dr Greer Kirshenbaum from Nurture Neuroscience, the first neuroscientist doula, about the importance of sleep and the challenges that families faced when trying to fit into unrealistic societal standards around infant sleep guidelines and the pressure to sleep train babies. Infant sleep guidelines are an essential resource for parents.…

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Advocating for your Body with Priyanka Saju: Hot + Brave Podcast

BMI is racist

    This week Bianca is joined by Toronto-based writer and speaker Priyanka Saju to talk about advocating for your body and humanity while navigating the healthcare system in a racialized, fat body. Priyanka offers her thoughtful scripts to interact with healthcare providers while challenging the racist history of the BMI that is BMI racist…

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Latin America is Raging: Hot + Brave the podcast

Latin American women

Hot + Brave The Podcast Episode 02: Latin America is Raging   Listen to the full episode on your favorite app here!     Latin American women During this week’s episode talk about birth in Latin American women, women’s movements and creating change through rage. In this Hot + Brave podcast, Marissa Bolaños from Womb…

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Reconnecting with your Rage: Hot + Brave the podcast

postpartum rage treatment

  Hot + Brave The Podcast Episode 01: Reconnecting with your Rage   Listen to the full episode on your favorite app here!   Reconnecting with your Rage Postpartum rage is a real and serious condition that can affect many new mothers. Seeking postpartum rage treatment and support is essential in managing this condition. The…

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