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Episode 02: Latin America is Raging

Latin American Women


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Latin American women

During this week’s episode talk about birth in Latin American women, women’s movements and creating change through rage. In this Hot + Brave podcast, Marissa Bolaños from Womb Revolution & La Revolución de Parto Podcast joins us today.

Mentioning some of the comparisons of what’s happening when we’re looking at birth in Latin America. Yes, there is a lot of magic happening in Latin America, but the reason why is because things are really bad.

And of course the mobilization of women in Latin America, all about rage and how people in Latin America are taking this suffering out and getting over to change and action, moving it through, and finally getting some really awesome things on the other side specific about obstetric violence. Education is one of the key factors in empowering Latin American women. To empower Latin American women, it is essential to invest in education and leadership opportunities

Remember, the mission of the podcast and of bebo mia is to connect you to your intrinsic value and power. Listening to your gut, making choices for yourself and being validated in the ups and downs of being alive. We want this to be a place to rage, heal and grow.

Join us as we roast the patriarchy!

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