Postpartum Rage Treatment with Amy C Willis


postpartum rage


 Reconnecting with your Rage


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Postpartum rage

Postpartum rage is a real and serious condition that can affect many new mothers. Seeking postpartum rage treatment and support is essential in managing this condition. The first step in treating postpartum rage is recognizing the condition and seeking. Postpartum rage is a common but treatable condition that new mothers may experience during the postpartum period. Recognizing the symptoms and causes of postpartum rage is the first step towards effective treatment.

During this week’s episode of Hot + Brave the podcast, Amy C Willis from Hol+Well joins us to talk about the ways that, as women, we have been systematically programmed to disconnect from our anger. We will explore the importance of reconnecting to our rage, move it through our bodies, complete the cycle, and harness the gifts and change it can bring to our lives.

Welcoming anger in, you’re also welcoming in a reconnection to your intuition, which then allows you to feel more confident in your own decisions. It cultivates your own self trust. Like there really are, I think, so many benefits to making that connection and really trusting in yourself and trusting that you can express and communicate anger in safe and healthy ways that actually are in service to you.

Anger is a signal emotion and it warns of things like threats, insult, harm, and indignity. And Amy C Willis would add to that, that anger is actually a signal of boundary violations. That anger is helpful for us. It’s a messenger and it’s there to present us with vital information on our safety and our wellbeing, and connected to that is our intuition. And that is something Amy C Willis thinks historically we have been taught not to trust and not to rely on, even though it’s deeply connected to us, it’s inherent within us. And it does provide a lot of important information

Postpartum rage treatment

Effective postpartum rage treatment includes therapy, medication, support groups, self-care, and communication with healthcare providers and partners. Joining a support group for new mothers can provide a sense of community and a safe space to share experiences and feelings.  Unlock true postpartum healing beyond snapback.




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