The work of bebo mia in reproductive justice: Hot + Brave the podcast


Hot + Brave The Podcast

Episode 00: bebo mia’s mission

Reproductive justice and rights

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The work of bebo mia in reproductive justice


In the first episode of Hot + Brave the podcast, Bianca Sprague, Meg Kant, and Michelle Cruz talk about the work of bebo mia in reproductive justice and how birth work is activism, influenced by many other forms of social justice, and how we weave it all together.

The Hot + Brave podcast is brought to you by the women of bebo mia. The mission of the podcast and of bebo mia is to connect you to your intrinsic value and power. Listening to your gut, making choices for yourself and being validated in the ups and downs of being alive. We want this to be a place to rage, heal and grow. We see that folks who identify as women and mothers are tired. Ah, we are so darn tired. We do mountains of invisible labor. We stress about our bodies and the never ending work and raising our children and doing all of it with financial and physical vulnerability. We mostly keep our heads down and push through the day. We don’t have a lot of space, if any, at all, to share about how we’re really feeling about our lives and the situations we find ourselves in.

And this is gonna be a place where we talk about it all. 




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