Winter 2021

launching Feb 15th

Childbirth Educator Certification

Birth As It Is: A conscious approach to teaching a CBE class that protects birthers.


As birth workers we are witnesses to birth AS IT IS.

We know that there is work that needs to be done to create safe and welcoming spaces for birthers. It is a disservice to our clients to teach how we would like birth to be without empowering them with the information of the current birth climate.

We created a CBE program that not only provides clients with this information but uncovers the source of fear we take with us into the birthing room. We firmly believe that by understanding the biology of fear and the perception of pain, we can create better and more positive outcomes for participants in our CBE classes – where does this fear come from and what does it negatively do to the birth experience?

You will have the skills needed to facilitate open conversations around the fear of birth, as well as the tools needed to build confidence in your clients and support your clients in finding their voice.

why choose the

bebo mia's CBE?

This CBE training takes a multi-modality approach. We bring in tools that call upon mindfulness practices, the social sciences, and coaching strategies so that you learn how to move the birthing body into the relaxation response for a safer and easier birth.

You will learn the international best practices for birth versus what is the birth practice/culture within the current healthcare systems – this will arm birthing people with the critical information needed to navigate a birth with true informed consent. Our goal is to show you how to prepare your clients for birth AS IT IS while we work together to pave the way for birth AS IT COULD BE!
This CBE program includes a full 6-week outline (that you get to keep!) that is ready for you to use when you begin to teach. It’s fully customizable so you can edit the outline to fit your unique expertise, style and brand.

Pregnant women in class

Finish this course with a customizable, evidence-based CBE program that is engaging, interactive, and has your students raving about you and YOUR brand.

About the


It takes a village of amazing humans to support you through your education and business creation. Our team of instructors are wildly brilliant, interesting, fierce social justice warriors & pretty darn funny, if we do say so ourselves... and we do.


Natasha Marchand

Natasha is the COO for bebo mia, a doula trainer, pre/postnatal yoga teacher, and hypnotherapist who has spent a large part of her career facilitating HypnoBirthing classes to expectant parents. Her teaching career began in her teens, as a swimming instructor. 

Her love for teaching and curriculum building grew as she moved into the maternal health field. Still, all these years later, she is happiest when she is teaching a group of expectant parents or maternal health practitioners. Her teaching style includes a strong focus on mindfulness and personal growth for professionals.

bianca sprague

Bianca Sprague

As CEO for bebo mia inc. and a queer parent, Bianca, feels especially passionate about creating access to quality pre & postnatal care for marginalized communities. She is an advocate for mental wellness for the entire family, and especially for the birthing person as they move into new parenthood. 

She has been teaching comprehensive, fun, and inclusive CBE classes for over a decade with a focus on relationship pre-hab and postpartum wellness. You can usually find Bianca building outlines, slides and worksheets for our online courses with all learning styles in mind.


Toni Botas

Toni started her career and passion in the field of birth work after the birth of her first child in 2011. She was left with both physical and mental trauma following the birth of her first daughter. It has been a long road, but through her two subsequent birth experiences, she has come full circle and has experienced great healing. 

She brings her personal healing experience with her when she teaches Childbirth Education to expectant parents. Her mission is to teach classes that reduce the fear of birth, while also informing her students of the realities of birth in this climate. She is a certified doula, certified Childbirth Educator, a professional birth photographer and the Program Coordinator for bebo mia inc.

Why we created

this CBE

You asked for it. We built it. After years of requests we created this CBE program. It pulls together the very best elements of our own personal CBE classes and experiences. With a diverse team of instructors, all bringing their unique expertise, we were able to create a program that will change how people learn about birth.

This program does more than teach the stages and phases of labour, it provides the information that your participants REALLY want to know (such as ‘will I tear?’ and ‘will my relationship survive?’) and presents it in a way that is not only fun, but considers all learning styles.

With all the terrifying images and horrific birth stories we have grown accustomed to, we want you to create the possibility of a positive birth experience for your participants!


Best part of teaching CBE classes?! You build trust around you and your brand so you can get doula clients from your class participants – they will want to hire you after falling in love with you and your awesome program!

Product Description


Flexible & Accessible

Our programs are delivered online (with a hands-on feel) to provide flexibility and accessibility for your busy, and quite often on-call life!


Weekly classes

A new module will be released each week. Just like the CBE programs we deliver to birthers in person, we designed our classes to include all learning styles. Videos, slides, handouts and resources will be included.


Learning between classes

Your learning continues during the week in your private support group where we will discuss, research, and practice our teaching skills!


Ongoing Mentorship

Access to your support group continues even after the 6 week training period. Your instructors and cohort will be there for you as you take your first steps as a Childbirth Educator!

Being a certified doula or birth worker is a prerequisite for this course.

Not yet a doula?

We can bundle your doula training and CBE course with bebo mia’s Maternal Practitioner Training. Hold onto your hat, it is going to be a super fun ride! Our 6 week online course will get you and your business ready to teach the most kick-ass CBE classes for your clients.

Learn all about the bundles we have available by clicking the button below!

What's inside?

Module 1

Psychology and Hormones of Birth

Will we explore language used when teaching CBE courses to be inclusive and to avoid perpetuating fear-based terms and ideas. This leads us into discussing the hormones in labour and how your classes can decrease fear in labour and birth which includes a deep dive into the nervous systems and using the most powerful birthing tool - the mind!


Module 2

Teaching Birth Confidence: Mind & Body

In this module we look at the mind/body connection as it relates to birth. This is where we answer some of your participants’ most important questions and address the fears that may be holding them back from a positive birth experience. We explore breath work and relaxation tools that tap into the parasympathetic nervous system and allow the body to function in the way that it was designed to. This class includes the Four P’s Method of Body Confidence.


Module 3

Navigating the hospital system

In Module 3 we will explore the political and social birth climates as they are now so that you can prepare your CBE students for working with practitioners and birth facilities. We will talk about body autonomy, BRAIN, the birth team and birth planning. By the end of this class you will understand the difference between what is routine in hospitals VS what the evidence says.


Module 4

The Postpartum Period

In Module 4, we will explore how your clients may feel about their birth experience and how their birth will affect the postpartum period. It is crucial to uncover the expectations vs. the realities when it comes to parenting. We will provide you with a versatile framework so that you can guide your clients in creating a plan for their postpartum period. This includes wisdom and advice on building their support system, having difficult conversations and relationship pre-hab.


Module 5

Adult Learning

For Module 5, we will make sure you feel confident in understanding how adults learn and how to teach all types of learners. This module goes beyond the typical learning styles and provides the skills needed to stand at the front of the room with confidence - building trust with your participants is key and we will show you exactly how to do that.

You will find some wonderful visual aids, games, activities and demonstrations to clearly communicate your CBE messages to your students. Your class will be fun, inclusive, intuitive and experiential!


Module 6

Teaching & Marketing your class.

You have so much wonderful information to share. Now you need to fill your classes… We will teach you how to structure and market your classes to ensure that you have a profitable and solid CBE program. What makes your CBE class different from the others? What makes you unique in your community? We will explore all of these questions and give you the tools to market this message to potential participants...without feeling yucky!

amazing add ons


Facebook Group

It can be scary the first time you stand in front of a class. We get it! We have all had our first class once. It is for this reason that this CBE training comes with a private online support group so you can feel well cared for as you work through your training and get started as an educator. Access to this group never ends. We will always be here. Answering questions and cheering you on!



Completion of this program includes a 6 week or Full Day course outline so that you can use it to start teaching right away. Or you can edit it to include your own expertise, style, and brand. Have a specialty that you would like to include? You can add it to the outline so your CBE program will have your unique touch!


The bebo mia bosses are SO creative, passionate and bold! The trainings are jam-packed full of the most current information and provide interesting approaches and perspectives on working with clients. I loved being able to work at my own pace while being inspired and encouraged by the peer & professional community of support they provide. The trainings will exceed your expectations!

Ruth Ruttan

There are not enough good words in my language to describe bebo mia and the way they have blessed me and supported my business and my dreams. They promise 1 million things with their training...and deliver 2 million!

Kelsey Tankersley

I don't even know where to start!!! I did a lot of research on doula training. It was so overwhelming that I stopped looking for a bit. Well I accidentally found BeboMia when searching for a fitness cert to go with my health coaching. The more I researched them I just knew this was it. It was like the perfect fit for me and exactly what I wanted in a doula program. Putting so much trust and taking that leap can be nerve-wracking, but from day one, that all went away. The training was everything I needed and more. The Bebo Mia team was so active and helpful with everything we needed to be the best. Making sure along the way that we weren't alone but also giving us the independence to make our business our own. Every week I looked forward to classes and even after now that it is over, it doesn't stop there. These ladies really want you to grow and succeed. Again thank you ladies so much for all you do for us and the community.

Kristina Leininger



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  • Learning between Classes
  • Ongoing Mentorship
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Payment plans

We want to support you in achieving your goals! To make the training more accessible, we have financing plans available. There are small financing fees if you choose to go this route. Completing your payment plan is required.


Our Guarantee

We promise that this comprehensive training process will not only set you up for a successful and meaningful career, it will positively impact your healing and growth journey as an individual. When you train with bebo mia you gain a path to financial independence and create hope for better birth experiences for everyone.