Postpartum Healing Path: Navigating Beyond Snapback

postpartum snapback

    This week Bianca and Meg are talking about one of the most harmful, almost comical lies we tell new parents: the idea that they will be able to “bounce” or “snap” back into their pre-pregnancy life. This devastating myth has us focusing on all the wrong things: shrink your body, hide any signs…

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The power of Embracing Every Emotion on Infant Sleep with Greer Kirshenbaum

infant sleep guidelines

  This week Bianca talks to Dr Greer Kirshenbaum from Nurture Neuroscience, the first neuroscientist doula, about the importance of sleep and the challenges that families faced when trying to fit into unrealistic societal standards around infant sleep guidelines and the pressure to sleep train babies. Infant sleep guidelines are an essential resource for parents.…

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Implicit Bias: Advocating for your Body with Priyanka Saju

BMI is racist

    This week Bianca is joined by Toronto-based writer and speaker Priyanka Saju to talk about advocating for your body and humanity while navigating the healthcare system in a racialized, fat body. Priyanka offers her thoughtful scripts to interact with healthcare providers while challenging the racist history of the BMI that is BMI racist…

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what I wish people understood about pregnancy loss

Written by Meg Kant what I wish more people understood about pregnancy loss **Content warning** discussion of pregnancy loss  My first pregnancy ended in a second-trimester miscarriage; I delivered my baby, Zennon at 4.5 months pregnant. After losing Zennon many people in my life tried to help make me feel better but fell short. Their…

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A Personal Account of My Fertility Journey and Struggles

fertility journey

    Like a hilarious fertility conversation with your feisty friend who doesn’t give a f*ck. We go forward on fertility journey. Brave stories, hot topics, and #truthbombs that will either balm your soul or light fire to your rage.   This week Bianca chats with Regina Townsend from The Broken Brown Egg about the…

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A heartwarming story from an infertility support group

Written by Meg Kant A heartwarming story from an infertility support groups When I first launched my doula business my community didn’t have many, if any, resources to support those who were going through infertility. I knew there was a large gap in care and I wanted to help fill it. I often heard from…

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Grow Doula Business: Wildly simple, but impactful advice to help

doula business

Written by Meg Kant Grow your Doula Business This week we had our final class of our Maternal Support Practitioner training for the Fall 2022 semester. The last class is always bittersweet because as much as we are excited for you students to be starting or growing your doula business, but we know we will…

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My favourite birth video ever

Written by Meg Kant My favourite birth video ever  This week my youngest son celebrated his 6th birthday. I love reminiscing about his birth, it was one of my favourite experiences of all time, I had the home birth of my dreams (you can even watch the video ). After the birth of my oldest…

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Let’s Ditch the Resolutions and Focus on Feelings

Let’s Ditch the Resolutions and Focus on Feelings in 2023 Written by Amy C. Willis Let’s Ditch the Resolutions and Focus on Feelings   We are just a little over a week into 2023. First off, if you’re reading this, you survived 2022 – congrats!   By now, you’ve likely been exposed to a plethora…

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Stop Wishing Your Body Was Different: A New Years Resolution

Written by Meg Kant Stop Wishing Your Body Was Different: A New Years Resolution Right now you are most likely being inundated with all the ways you should try to improve yourself this year. With advertising about gym memberships, and diets (even Noom, which says it’s not a diet but it is) flooding your news…

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Diversifying Your Income as a Doula

Written by Meg Kant and the #bebobabes Diversifying Your Income as a Doula During our Choose You, For You week (Nov 14-18, 2022), we created a free session, facilitated by #bebobabes Bianca, Meg, Marissa, Amy and Michelle, that was all about diversifying your income and coming up with creative ways to generate doula income. This…

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The Ultimate Doula Gift Guide 2023

The Ultimate Doula Gift Guide 2023 Written by Meg Kant If you are a doula, or you love someone who is a doula then this guide for gift is going to make your life a whole lot easier. We have put together a list of tried and tested things that doulas love both in their…

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Grocery shopping without kids isn’t the same as ‘alone time’

Written by Meg Kant Grocery shopping without kids isn’t the same as ‘alone time’ There’s no doubt, for some people the act of going to the grocery store brings them joy, therefore it might hit the bucket of feeling like alone time.  However, for the majority of people, especially mothers, grocery shopping is just one…

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