My favourite birth video ever


birth video

Written by Meg Kant

My favourite birth video ever 

This week my youngest son celebrated his 6th birthday. I love reminiscing about his birth, it was one of my favourite experiences of all time, I had the home birth of my dreams (you can even watch the video ).

After the birth of my oldest son, I started my career as a birth worker. It didn’t take me long to decide that for my next birth, I wanted to do things differently.

My first Birth Journey

During my first birth, my husband and I mostly navigated the experience just the two of us. To our surprise, our midwife wasn’t very hands-on during labour, and we were left to figure out what to do on our own. I experienced significant back labour and struggled through 30 hours of labour before getting an epidural.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with epidurals, I am incredibly grateful I was able to get one and relax, rest and deliver my baby. But I felt like the epidural was the only comfort measure offered to us. No one said anything about other ways to get comfortable, or positions to try. I felt like everything was happening to me, and like I was not in control. At my next birth, I was determined to know my options and have support throughout the process.


Birth Team Collaboration

For my youngest’s birth, I had an incredible birth team which included my doula, husband, midwives and birth photographer. I laboured at home with the lights dimmed, listening to Taylor Swift and resting in the birth tub. I felt loved, supported and trusted. It was flipping beautifully. It was the complete opposite of what mainstream media had told me that birth looks like.

birth journey

I want to acknowledge that a home birth is not always possible/available for everyone and also that a home birth is not everyone’s cup of tea! There is no one right way to give birth. I’m sharing my experience because I want you to know it is possible to feel empowered at your birth, and that there are options outside of what mainstream media and the medical system have shown us. Read about this Birth Story: I am having a doula
Check home birth journey full of reflections.

Read about Gavin’s Birth Story

What was your birth experience like? Did you have a doula? Did you feel supported? Share away in the comments.

My favourite birth video ever (I may be a bit biased though… it’s mine) 

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  1. Andrea B on January 15, 2023 at 8:11 pm

    I’m a little biased of course, but one of my favorite births was with you by my side ❤️ I remember telling you on the stairs of the clinic that I wasn’t ready to be done with Seth, and when Astrid was born there almost three years later, I felt this unbelievable triumph…like hey, I got the birth I wanted *last* time but the person I wanted most in the world besides my spouse couldn’t be there thanks to COVID.

    I had legit tears watching your birth video (strange to think that your doula is so close to being a midwife herself now!) and the joy and love was palpable. How is your wee man six already???!!!

    • TeamBebo on January 18, 2023 at 4:22 pm

      Oh my goodness Andrea this gave me alll the feels ❤️ I am so grateful I was able to support you all with Seth, and I so so so wish I could have been there when you got the birth you always dreamed of with Astrid. You are such a gem.

      It is bananas to think she is so close to being a midwife!! How are our tiny humans already 6? What happened to time!?

      Thank you for such a thoughtful and meaningful comment xoxo

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