A heartwarming story from an infertility support group


infertility support group

Written by Meg Kant

A heartwarming story from an infertility support groups

When I first launched my doula business my community didn’t have many, if any, resources to support those who were going through infertility. I knew there was a large gap in care and I wanted to help fill it.

I often heard from folks going through infertility that they felt there wasn’t a place for them. That they wished there was somewhere people understood what they were going through. Infertility can be an incredibly lonely experience and one that you cannot fully understand without having been through it. So I decided the best thing to do would be to start an infertility support group.

Infertility Support Groups

We launched the group and hosted it biweekly, and it seemed to be a hit. While the group was running I heard from multiple members how impactful it was for them. It felt like we were meeting a need for the community, and I was so grateful we offered it. However, I don’t think I ever fully understood the impact of this group until very recently.

Who attended the infertility support group

A couple of weeks ago I connected with Sarah, one of the women who attended the infertility support group. Since attending the group Sarah has had two children. She has also maintained a very close relationship with another member of the group named Mel.

Mel has been navigating infertility for many years. She and her husband have shown so much resilience and perseverance in the face of incredible obstacles. After IUI, several rounds of IVF and multiple losses Melanie and her husband were worried they had run out of options to grow their family when something so beautiful happened.

Sarah offered to be Mel’s surrogate

Sarah offered to be Mel’s surrogate! In the next couple of months, they will be embarking on a surrogacy journey together. Sarah said that after she had her first son she knew that she wanted to offer to help build their family.

Mel and Sarah sent me the most beautiful message about their experience with the infertility group and hearing about it has been such a joy.

*shared with permission*

“Sarah & I would never have met without the infertility support group.  Not only did that group give me a lifeline when I was very much struggling, but it has now given me another chance at having a family when we were out of options and out of hope.

I often think about this “small” thing you did by creating this support group, but it wasn’t small to us, in fact, it has changed mine & Sarah’s life forever.  Never forget the impact that you’re having on this world.”

If you want to find out more about Mel’s journey, you can see an interview she did with WheresHelenIVF here

I am sharing this because these women are such beautiful examples of support. I am so deeply honoured to have had a small part in being a part of their story.

Sometimes we can forget the impact we are having, but the work we are doing matters. It is making such a huge difference in the lives of our clients and community.

If providing support to folks going through infertility is something you feel passionate about check out our Fertility Support Specialist program here.

Share a time when you made a difference (big or small) for someone in your life! Hearing these stories can be so uplifting and heartwarming, we love to hear them. 

a heartwarming story from an infertility support group

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