Grocery shopping without kids isn’t the same as ‘alone time’


Written by Meg Kant

Grocery shopping without kids isn’t the same as ‘alone time’

There’s no doubt, for some people the act of going to the grocery store brings them joy, therefore it might hit the bucket of feeling like alone time.  However, for the majority of people, especially mothers, grocery shopping is just one of many things on a long “to-do list.”

the pressure to appreciate

Somewhere along the way having time to yourself and doing grocery shopping got mixed together. It has resulted in a backwards belief that buying groceries without kids should be cherished in the same way as activities you love are. Rather than viewing grocery shopping as the mundane chore that it is.

Some mothers feel pressured to appreciate shopping solo, but end up feeling guilty that it doesn’t fill their cup. But because they think they ‘should’ feel grateful, they disregard any additional wants or needs they might have because they don’t want to be selfish.

don’t want to be selfish

Imagine a parent going grocery shopping on a Sunday afternoon, and their partner watches the kids. During grocery shopping, they are dealing with the mental tasks of picking out the food, planning the meals and snacks for the week, and dealing with the finances of it all. They get home exhausted and are craving alone time, but it feels selfish to ask for it because they technically just had some ‘alone time.

So they don’t ask. Instead, they continue to feel exhausted, resentful and then guilty for feeling that way. They don’t feel entitled to ask for what they want. We get it, asking for what we need can be really hard, especially when we are made to feel like alone time is considered a luxury. But it’s not.

choosing you is not selfish

Choosing to take care of yourself, prioritizing your needs and creating space for things that you enjoy is not selfish. You are still an incredible mother, sister, friend, cousin, daughter or wife even when you are choosing yourself. 

We want to help you carve out space and time for you to choose you. This is why bebo mia has put together a week of ways for you to fill your own cup and tend to your relationship with yourself.

Choose You, For You

From November 14 – 21 bebo mia is hosting a very special week within our community called Choose You, For You. All week we will be providing opportunities to choose yourself, your business and your joy. We will be hosting FREE private, closed community talks, movie night, Q + A’s and more to help build you and your business up.

But we can’t do this for you. It will take choosing it for yourself, giving yourself permission and prioritizing what you want/need.

So we officially invite you to join us this week for Choose You, For You, and fill that cup up.

Below is a list of the events for this week.

You can automatically add all of these events to your calendar here.

We cannot wait to spend the week with you, while you center yourself.

Do you find it hard to prioritize yourself? Share in the comments, it might help someone else reading this!

Grocery shopping without kids isn’t the same as ‘alone time’

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