Stroller Fitness Essentials: Mom’s Guide to Active Livin


Stroller Fitness
Have you ever been that mom standing in the grocery aisle or bank line and you hear a frustrated grunt coming from inside the stroller. As mothers we need to read this cue as KEEP STROLLING MAMA! So, I ask all of you mommies out there how fit are your strollers? Does it only see the light of day when you need a bag of milk or are you a trailblazer? Well, whichever you are, the good news is that stroller fitness is a surefire way of getting to Fit Avenue fast. What I, as a mom, love about stroller fitness is that I can stroll to all my favorite iPod tunes and groove out a great workout with scenic views. As a bonus, the stroller, and your darling inside being carted around, act as a form of resistance to our aerobic workouts. All the equipment you need to reap the benefits of stroller fitness is a stroller, a park/ scenic route, sunscreen, WATER, tunes and of course your little one. Now that you have all your gear, here is a sample of your next stroller session.


On the Move Warm Up:
(7-10 mins)

  • walk 30 secs +30 secs shoulder rolls X3
  • walk 30 secs+30 secs arm circles X3
  • walk 30 secs + 30 secs toe taps X3
  • walk 30 secs +30 sec walking lunges X3
  • walk 30 secs +30 secs squats in place

Speed stroll (20-25 mins)

The point here is to work at your own pace and always use the talk test as an indicator of how hard you are working. You should always be able to talk! If you can’t talk, slow down your pace. If you can sing easily, pick up the pace!

Some options to use in the Speed Stroll are:

  • brisk walk
  • jogging
  • skipping
  • side gallops
  • running
  • jogging up and down hills (or stairs or bleachers, leaving your stroller within view).

** Remember, if you are a beginner Stroller Mama, you may entirely use a brisk walk, if advanced you may mix it up. Listen to your body, it won’t steer your strolling wrong.

 Cardio Cool Down (2-5mins)

Repeat ‘On the Move Warm Up’

 Muscular and core strength

Use picnic tables or benches to do 3 sets with 8-12 reps of the following:

  • leg lifts
  • modified pushups
  • triceps dips
  • abdominal crunches (or plank or V-sit depending on core strength)

 Final Stretches (can be on a table, standing or sitting on grass)

-head/neck rolls, inner thigh stretch, ankle rotations, side stretches, forward folds and deep breathing

 Safety Cues:

  • Always drink water before, during and after workout.
  • Do not use light frame strollers suitable only for car seats (any other stroller is fine).
  • Always check the weather and prepare accordingly for you and your baby (ex humidex, sunscreen, stroller rain cover, baby hat, bug net for stroller etc.)

Benefits of Stroller Fitness:

-safe and effective

-fresh air, sunshine and FUN

-full body exercise

-you can do it alone, with a friend or as part of a mommy group

-plus, BONUS – the movement of the stroller calms your little one and can help with their sleeping habits, giving you a much needed break.

Enjoy your next stroll to FIT Avenue!





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