The Switch Witch: How to Survive the Days after Halloween


Switch Witch

Halloween, Health, and the Switch Witch Solution

So, my 5 year old (pictured left) turns into a crazy, unrecognizable monster after even the smallest amount of sugar, thus making me dread the Hallowe’en experience. There is typically a mountain of treats that comes into my home which I would rather not have her ingest. I never knew what to do with this. She started at a wonderful, holistic alternative school in the city this year which supports eating well and avoiding processed foods. Enter the Switch Witch.


The Switch Witch is a good witch (aka Candy Fairy, Great Pumpkin, etc. for less scary words) and she lives off candy. She will take all the candy the kids collect once they go to bed Hallowe’en night and leave toys, books, and other gifts instead. The more candy you leave, the better the gifts are from the Switch Witch.


This year was our first S.W. year, and I have to report, my little one was thrilled to wake up to the Playmobil set she ‘always wanted’ after trading her Trick or Treating haul. And really, it is a win win because now I get to eat my favourite chocolate bars once she goes to bed! She was allowed to keep a few pieces from her candy mountain, giving her the feeling that she has won the lottery – candy AND toys/books…


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