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My abusive relationship with my uterus – Part II

See Part I here. The Diagnosis & Prognosis I am sick with worry as Alana and I go to the appointment this week. I am so sure I am going to find out I have cancer and I go to the worst case scenario. My community of women that love the shit out of me…

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New AAP Guidelines – Why We Need to Talk About Bed-sharing.

The American Academy of Pediatrics announced a revision of their infant sleep guidelines and all of us here at bebo mia are very happy about it. The updated safe sleep guidelines are moving more towards what many parents already do instinctually and it recognizes that when it comes to sleep, our babies often have different plans than we do.…

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Now accepting Scholarship Applications for MSP Spring 2017!!!

doula training scholarship application bebo mia

It’s almost that time of year again where birth is everywhere. The Spring baby wave will be starting, flowers will be blooming and we are all anxiously waiting for #ApriltheGiraffe to have her baby. Here at the bebo mia headquarters we are all hustling to get ready to welcome a new wave of students into…

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Simple Tips for Raising an Eco Baby on a Budget

Eco Baby on a Budget

What is greenwashing & why should we avoid it?! It’s important to recognize that a lot of effort goes into marketing products to make you feel good about using them but also to make you feel like you need them. Greenwashing occurs when false or misleading claims are made about the eco-friendliness of a product…

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Scholarship Winner: A Mama Adding 'Doula' to her Holistic Skills

Hello all! My name is Amber Dawn Tapley and I am the very proud Momma to one very wonderfully exuberant and enthusiastic little guy, Elijah River.  I have been blessed with his presence and I feel the wonder and weight of that every day. I have always been interested in holistic healing methods and am…

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Pride & Preschoolers

Yesterday I noticed these two pictures hanging in my 4 year old’s Jr. Kindergarten classroom. One poster reads ‘Love has no gender’ with ‘safe and positive space’ to the bottom left. The other was actually a 2SLGBTQQIA poster contest for the older kids in the school, the poster says ‘Pride to me means to be…

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Beat the Heat with Summer Essentials!

Some like it HOT, and the summer countdown is most definitely ON like Donkey Kong! Just think about it…sun, surf, sand, a cool drink in your hand, toes in the pool, fun outdoor gatherings, and let’s not forget about Thoooose Suuuummer Niiiiights (I just know you grabbed a hairbrush and belted that out…don’t deny it!)…

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Recover, Reshape & Reinvent your Health after Birth

Recovering After Birth with Essential Oils Whether you are a new mom and have just giving birth to your first baby, or you are celebrating the birth of your second, third or 15th, one thing that is always on the recently post-delivery moms mind (beside that whole “caring for another human being thing”) is how…

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Steam Or Dance Your Period Away!

Menstrual cramps are probably the number one reason why many women hate their periods.  Menstrual cramps are caused by the contractions of the uterus as it breaks down the uterine lining and expels the menstrual blood through the cervix. Also, many hormonal changes affect the position, height and texture of your cervix, sometimes causing extreme sensitivity in the inside…

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