Week 29 Feeling Fine!


This post is supposed to be a short update about how my midwife appointment was last week, BUT…I didn’t go! I was at a birth instead which was exciting for a few reasons:

Week 29 Feeling

1. Births are always exciting!

2. The couple was amazing (as are all of my clients ;))!

3. It was my last birth as a primary doula for a looooong time!

Speaking to exciting reason #3, I have not booked any more birth clients – last week was my last one! I usually take most or all of August off-call anyways as I need some vacation and my family goes to a wonderful place called Ryde Lake every year. This year, it doesn’t make sense for me to go BACK on-call in September, as I will be super close to my due date(s) and to be honest, pretty useless at supporting someone else in labour when my own is imminent. This last birth was great, and sent me off on a high, supporting a wonderful couple, and welcoming their baby girl into the world. Bring on the girl vibes!

I assume I will go back to taking clients in the New Year, once my beeb is old enough to take expressed milk and potentially be without me overnight. I can’t quite put a time frame on it as I do not know the personality of this little one yet, but I can say that I know two special people who are due late in the winter, who I would LOVE to support, if they are interested, hint hint. Call me ladies – you know who you are!

So I didn’t go to my appointment, but I have one rescheduled for this week on Thursday afternoon instead. I am looking forward to it as it’s been 5 weeks now since my last appointment, and I really want to see if they can tell me which position my baby is in – I’m stumped! Next week, I promise, I will write an update about this weeks appointment and anything that arises about due date and position of the baby, and size.

To wrap up this week’s quick blog, I want to say that I am feeling GREAT in 29 week. A few weeks ago my post was bitching about all of my aches and pains and typical pregnancy symptoms, but for some reason they seem to have vanished as I approached and entered the third trimester! I have gotten a ton of compliments this week as well! Everything from the appreciated “Pregnancy suits you!” and “I wish I look as good as you do when I’m pregnant” statements, to unwelcome TTC belly rubs and cat calls walking past a Starbucks patio. Like, really? What that guy told me is that he is probably unemployed (sitting on a patio at 11am), under socialized (cat-calling a pregnant woman in the middle of the day), and has a fetish for bumps (gross unless the bump is half yours).

 Let’s hope this ‘nothing to complain about’ stage lasts! I’m sure you’ll be hearing about it if it doesn’t 😉




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  1. Karel on February 18, 2016 at 4:24 pm

    to stay home? Let’s say she has the same problem- then she’d be beniatg herself up for following her wrong intuition, and what’s the point of intuition if it’s going to lead you astray? As far as birth goes, it’s pretty much chance. You may know some things ahead of time, like the baby’s position or approximate size, but nothing else is predictable. At that point, any decisions are based on a guess. Like the baby’s sex some women say they just KNEW (or intuited)the sex of the baby and some of them were wrong.

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