No one in this house is getting sick! Essential oils to keep you well this winter

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Oils to keep little ones healthy over the winter season with essential oils:

When it comes to wellness, few things rate as high on the parental scale as keeping ourselves and our little ones healthy over the winter season. Everywhere we look there are people sneezing and coughing and blowing their nose all over the place, and in the back of our minds we are doing some kind of half-naked, gymnastics-inspired rain dance with the vain hopes of warding off the germs. As a total nerd, I myself generally take to reenacting the scene from Lord of the Rings, where Gandalf the Grey is fightingthe Balrog, as I scream “You Shall Not PAAAAASSSSS!” while ceremoniously banging my mop on the floor.

That being said, my family and I generally manage to avoid getting sick over the winter, and while I personally like to believe it has something to do with my clearly fantastic impersonation of Ian McKellen, it’s really because of our commitment to healthy holistic habits and the awesome arsenal of essential oils that we call upon to support us when seasonal threats are high.

How can we fight the flu?!

More than just aromatherapy and essential oils alone, it is important to take a proactive whole person approach to keeping yourself and your family healthy over the winter months. Let’s get one thing straight right away…all those cookies and cups of hot cocoa are totally worth their weight in gold in the humble opinion of my taste buds; however, they definitely do not support a healthy immune system.

Making sure that you give yourself and your family a wonderfully nutritious foundation, rich in fresh fruits and leafy greens, will help to boost your vitamin and mineral intake. To help your body absorb the most nutrition out of all of your meals, it’s important to make sure your body is working as it should,which is why lots of water, warm tea and lemon essential oil are staples in our home this time of year.

Gentle daily detox with oils!

Adding 1 or 2 drops of lemon oil to 8 oz. of water is a great way for mom and dad to start the day and to gently detox your body, and when added to tea, it will help sooth a scratchy throat as well (NOTE: internal use should be reserved for older children and adults only, and only when using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils). You can also combine it with pure aloe vera gel and vitamin E oil to create an awesome, alcohol free hand sanitizer.

Get that heart rate up!

During the long, cold and sometimes dreary days of winter, I would love nothing more than to sit in front of a fire with my feet up, drinking a cup of warm tea and reading a book. My 1 year old has other ideas, and thank goodness for that! Winter makes us want to hide from the world and stand still, but it’s super important to keep a mindset of movement! Make sure you do something every day that raises your heart rate, even if it’s only for a few minutes. For added support to sore, stiff muscles during the cold winter months, try rubbing some peppermint essential oil* diluted with fractionated coconut oil directly onto the area (for adults and older children), or try a soothing massage with lavender essential oil and coconut oil to keep baby limber and relaxed.

Help! We can’t breathe…

Diffusing eucalyptus essential oil can help keep you breathing clearly, and if the sniffles do end up weaseling their way into your nasal cavity, you can make breathing easier by diffusing the Breathe Respiratory Blend* or creating a chest rub by mixing it with 2 Tbsp. of coconut oil. Staying healthy is key, and there is no better way to do that than to be proactive with your health. Using the OnGuard Protective Blend* is kind of like having your own little offensive line. You can use it to clean surfaces, or you can diffuse it to purify the air and boost immunity for the whole family. Who needs Gandalf, right?

What about the winter blahs?!

Let’s not forget, while we are at it, that all of Jack Frost’s nipping at your nose and the 50 shades of gray that happen to adorn the skylines do not do much for our moods in the winter. Winter can bring with it a whole host of the grumpies, from feeling blue to being a real Grinch, especially when you feel cooped up. One great way to combat that is by diffusing wild orange, grapefruit or lime essential oil, or an uplifting blend like Citrus Bliss. Citrus based oils help to uplift the spirits and give you energy, which is something we can all use more of in the winter months!

Aromatherapy & Essential oils can keep you and your family well this winter!

Short of doing that very awkward rain dance I mentioned before, aromatherapy and essential oils can be your best and natural first line of defence when it comes to maintaining your health and sanity this winter. I personally plan on gathering the family in the living room this evening for our annual “No one in this house is getting sick!” convention…complete with oils, diffuser (and perhaps, if they are lucky, my staff…er, mop). Look out germs! I’m a MOM on a mission!

*Breastfeeding moms should ONLY use Breathe, OnGuard, and Peppermint oils AROMATICALLY (with a diffuser) as using them topically could cause a drop in breastmilk supply. ALWAYS dilute essential oils with a carrier oil for topical use with children under 2, pregnant moms, or those with sensitive skin, even if the oil says it can be used neat. Not all oils are safe for topical use during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or for infants. Always consult with a professional before using essential oils topically or internally.

Ginger BakerGinger Nicole Baker is an essential oils expert and wellness advocate and is the founder and CEO of Essential Owl Holistics which you can find on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram. She has a deep passion for helping others to embrace and practice proactive, natural and holistic care for themselves and their families, especially during pregnancy, birth and beyond. She and her husband Adam are the proud parents of their 1 year old daughter, Raienn, who has been her bright shining beam of inspiration. Learn more here! For a private consult, or to schedule a class, webinar or training, Message her here!




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