A weekly email blog written by the amazing human Meg Kant, where she talks about mental health, body liberation, birth work and so much more. It is a brave space where we can learn and grow together.

You might be wondering

Why Hot + Brave?


As the #bebobabes were trying to find the perfect name for this blog one of the words that kept coming up for us was “warm”.

We want our community to feel warm, supportive, and safe, where people feel seen and validated. Like that feeling when you snuggle up with a warm blanket and get cozy.

So we thought the best way to capture that feeling was to take warm up a notch, and make it hot!


In our community and classes, we often talk about what it means to create a brave space (rather than creating a ‘safe’ space).

We focus on creating brave spaces because we want to learn and grow and connect, and in order to do that, sometimes it can be uncomfortable.

Sometimes we might be nervous or reluctant, but we choose to be brave and do the uncomfortable/scary thing.

So we decided we wanted to ensure that brave was built into the bones of this blog and chose to put it right in the name.

A blog hosted by

Meg Kant!

Meg is our Amplifier of Connection, Community and Education here at bebo mia and has been in this role since 2018!

She works incredibly hard to ensure that our team, students and community feel supported and connected and she does a STELLAR job in her role!

During a long (30+ hours, y’all - Meg’s a champ) birth with her oldest, Meg worked with a midwife though she wasn’t exactly sure what a midwife should be doing, she expected she would be supported by her through back rubs, position changes and emotional support.

When Meg didn’t receive this, she found herself feeling disappointed and confused about how to get the additional support she really wanted and needed during labour.

THEN she learned about birth workers and that day, she signed up for her birth worker training with bebo mia. This was in 2015 and she’s been a birth worker ever since!


As part of Meg's hard work for the team, the students, the entire community and as a birth worker,

she is the beautiful soul

behind every blog that is posted weekly

at Hot + Brave

What can you expect from

the blog?

This blog is a creative writing space, pulling from Meg’s experiences, thoughts and ideas.

It is not necessarily going to be a place to find the most up to date research or a chronicle of current events, although there might be some of that in the mix as well.

Meg will be sharing what has been on her mind, what has been weighing heavy on her heart or observations she has noticed from the world around her.


So if you want to be part

of this great


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