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Written by Tanika Connesero (Fertility Specialist)

 My Journey to Becoming a Fertility Specialist

I was inspired to study birth work while in my prenatal yoga teacher training.  I was shocked at just how little I knew about my body, my ovulatory cycle, and things that [can] impact my health and life, including the traumatic brain injury I suffered years earlier.  The more research I have done around Women’s and reproductive health being a Fertility Specialist, the more I have wanted to know. I first came across bebo mia when searching the internet specifically for a Fertility Specialist Certification /fertility doula/birth work certification course.  

Bebo mia’s Holistic Approach to Fertility and Beyond

There are a variety of reasons as to why I choose to jump in the bebo mia Fertility Specialist Certification. Some of the top aspects that drew me to this particular course and certification are:

  1. That bebo mia understands the fact that conceiving, growing another person, birthing them, and the transition into parenthood are so much more than just a series of  physiological events. Connecting and reconnecting to the many layers of who we are is so important. We are such complex beings. In yogic philosophy, it is taught that there are many different bodies and each one impacts the others- both subtle and gross.  This training recognizes the importance of using a variety of tools and modalities to work with the whole person.
  2. As a yoga instructor I know just how beneficial yoga can be in helping the nervous system and other parts of the body.  Being able to learn how to tailor yoga and facilitate transformative group sessions for those who may be experiencing fertility challenges or who desire to consciously conceive is exciting.
  3. The way that they teach and discuss diversity, equity, inclusion, activism and justice work is inspiring.  Not only are the faculty and staff at bebo mia diverse (in so many ways), they have a variety of lived experiences and can really speak on various topics from more than just a purely theoretical standpoint. They really walk the walk.  It is honestly baked into everything they do.  This not only helps me learn, but helps me as a businessperson to see the myriad of possibilities of how I can do things AND that I CAN do things that maybe I never thought I could, or know how to do.

As a lifelong learner, I am really excited to uplevel my skills and knowledge base so that I can better serve others.  I am thrilled to connect with and learn from my peers on this journey.  I am excited to be learning from such a wonderful group of people who are so passionate about, and devoted to, the work they do.  After having gone through the Infant and Family Sleep Specialist, Maternal Support Practitioner, and BirthWorker Business School programs and attending various online events such as book club and webinars, I can say that the folks at bebo mia truly have each and every one of our best interests at heart. I can honestly say that I have found my people.


Tanika is a multi-passionate birth worker, coach, healer, functional nutrition counsellor, movement specialist, TBI survivor and mom.  Fusing science and woo, the ancestral and modern, she is passionate about brain health and helping other wombmen and families in fertility and conception, pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.  She serves clients around the world in both English and Spanish.

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