Kyra Ledwell – The Be Brave Award (Runner Up) – Doula Scholarship Winner September 2022


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Written by Kyra Ledwell

Kyra Ledwell – The Be Brave Award (Runner Up) Doula  Scholarship Winner September 2022


Hey everybody! My name is Kyra Ledwell (pronounced like Ji-Rah), and I am a woman who wears many hats as I’m told. I am a full-time student, a wife, an Auntie/Mom, a lover of Christ, and an overall lover of life and people. I am all about serving people and lending a helping hand to those who need it. I wanted this Training Scholarship from bebo mia not just because it would either cut the cost completely or partially, but because I felt the love, commitment, and value of what bebo mia put into helping people achieve this unique calling of being a birth worker. I’ve done a lot of research for the past 3 years of programs who cater to people who want to become Doulas, and I had a hard time finding one who I felt I could resonate with. I saw some parts of myself with other programs, but I didn’t feel peace or a sense of community with others.


Why Do You Want To Train With Bebo Mia? Why Our Community?

I found Bebo Mia out of nowhere, and I am so glad that I did. I went through a Facebook group and I asked for about 3 weeks until someone from a few years ago posted your website. I clicked on it and I went through the website for about 3 days. I finally felt that feeling a belonging that I prayed for. I knew I wanted to train with bebo mia after I read the values statement. Why your community? Well I was happy to see that there was an acknowledgement of different values, beliefs, backgrounds, and lived experiences. I loved how all of those differences were recognized, and it lined up with my thoughts that there is unity in those differences. I loved that statement, along with having the right and freedom to run ones business the way we want and being free of shame and judgement. Another reason was the MSP program’s combined fertility, birth, and postpartum training all in one.


Why Do I Want To Be A Birth Worker?

I want to be a birth worker because in all honesty, I am sick and tired of hearing about women dying in childbirth for things that can be prevented. The mortality rates of African American women in the US is devastating, and it breaks my heart. I remember back in 2008 I watched the documentary The Business of Being Born, a documentary about actress and talkshow host Ricki Lake’s birth experience with her first child. It was heartbreaking and it sparked my interest in wanting to help more women know their options and offer my help. I have done so much research since 2008, along with helping women in my family after they had their babies. I was told that I was so good at helping them, and that it came natural to me. That’s when I knew that I wanted to be a birth worker of some kind, preferably a midwife or a doula. Here I am, 14 years later making this dream a reality.


What Are My Business Plans After The Program; Training Scholarship?

After this program Training Scholarship, I do plan on creating my own business and combining it with my photography business. I would also love to eventually have my own non-profit organization and hire other Doula’s and midwives to help the women and families in the African American/Black Community, so that women who may not be able to afford midwife services can. I also would love to mentor since I have experience mentoring others. I want to give back to my community in this way to educate and pour into people. That is the goal.

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