What was the EcoParent Village all about?


Nestled in the back corner of the Green Living Show in the EcoParent Village, bebo mia and Baby & Me Fitness stood together as one for the first time…… And it felt awesome!

For those of you who hadn’t figured it out from the thousands of posts, tweets, and pins, we were invited by the awesome people of EcoParent Magazine to celebrate the bebo mia acquisition and launch the new and improved Baby & Me Fitness with a party. There were cupcakes, swag, UmlaPhoto showed up to take photos, and YES, we did manage to demonstrate all of the Baby & Me Fitness classes (pre AND postnatal) in under 3 minutes as challenged.  Friends, family, old and new clients came out to support us……that also felt awesome!


What was the EcoParent Village?

It was a special little place in the Green Living Show created especially for expecting and new families. A great place for eco-conscious parents to shop green & local while their kiddies play with wooden toys (really cool wooden toys!). I guess you could think of the EcoParent Village as the love child of the Baby Time Show and the One of a Kind show!

I really just want to say how much we enjoyed this trade show and I hope the EcoParent Village eventually rivals the Baby Time Show as ‘the place to be’ when you are shopping around for baby gear. We made tons of friends at the show and because one of our favorite things to do is build community, I’m going to spend the rest of this blog post doing some serious name dropping!

Green Moms Collective

I do have to say our party turned out really well, but there was another company also making their big debut. Green Moms Collective launched on the Saturday night and had a great turn out. Don’t know who the Green Moms Collective is? We didn’t either, but think Mommy Connections with a green twist! It promises to be a great resource for education and community for our green living families. Look at how she wrapped her swag bags..so green (and clever):

Our neighbour at the show was Dream Child Organic Bedding. I totally fell in love with her Scooter Duvet cover and I will be purchasing one as soon as my ‘way too big for our bed’ toddler decides to sleep in her own bed. Not only does she make awesome stuff but she knew a ton about why we should be choosing eco-friendly alternatives for our children’s bedding.





Wish list bedding for my daughter


A big highlight of the show was the demonstrations and play areas set up by the Toronto Waldorf School.  My daughter spent at least 45 mins each day on their wooden rocking horse and managed to sit still through a felting demonstration (do you know how epic that is? I’ve never seen her sit still!). Perhaps we have a future Waldorf student in our home!

One of the coolest things in the EcoParent Village was Root Beer smelling laundry detergent. Actually, those cute little Laundry Tarts had many flavours and products to clean your clothing at just 15 cents a load….SOLD!

Clothing that smells like key lime pie...yes please!

Clothing that smells like key lime pie…yes please!

The Laundry Tarts shared a booth with Monkey Doodlez, one of our favourite brands of swim diapers (on the off chance you were looking for some really awesome swim diapers for the upcoming summer season!). People ask me almost daily what swim diapers to use in the Baby & Me Aquababies class and I always say Monkey Doodlez!



lil squirt swim diaper 🙂


Of course evymama had a beautiful breastfeeding lounge for nursing mamas. You can always count on them to support you as you feed your little ones. I tried feeding my toddler in the lounge but she didn’t approve of the mannequins. I ended up feeding her at our booth with 1/2 my shirt over my head wishing I was wearing a beautiful (discreet) breastfeeding dress from their store.


Last but not least was a wonderful woman we plan to have as a regular guest blogger. Her company, Counting Butterflies, works to create and enhance strong bonds between parents and children with a special focus on children who have difficulty regulating emotions as well as many other challenges. We like to think bebo mia works to create these bonds in the early stages (pregnancy, birth & 1st year) and we are so happy to have someone to recommend to families as their children grow.


Overall we had a great time at the show and hope to see you there next year!!


natasha_proNatasha Marchand is co-founder and co-owner of bebo mia, and very recently the co-owner of Baby & Me Fitness. She is also the mother to Sadie.





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