13 weeks pregnancy Cravings – Slow Down!!!



13 weeks pregnancy

13 weeks pregnancy  Cravings:

– bean salad (my stepmom, B’s, home made recipe)
– cilantro
– orange juice
– cottage cheese
– still on the mustard train


A client of ours recently described time as melting away, and I couldn’t agree more. I was 13 weeks on Monday this week, which means I’m entering into the second trimester. WHAAA?! You mean I am 1/3 of the way through this pregnancy already? SLOW DOWN PLEASE! I have been looking forward to being pregnant again for so long – what seems like forever actually – that it can’t go by too fast. It just can’t. Since I can remember, I have wanted to be pregnant – like I’m talking since I was a child (my parents were worried about me at one point or another). My pregnancy with Caimen was so wonderful that I literally couldn’t wait to do it again! The BABY part on the other hand is why our kids will be 4.5 years apart; although I was ready to be pregnant again soon after he was born, I wasn’t ready for the baby at the end of it. Until now 🙂 *** Stay tuned for my next post on the pressure to have #2!!


Now that it’s here, it’s almost over! Ok, a little exaggeration there, but it’s still going way too fast for me already. I LOVE having a big belly. I LOVE feeling a baby move inside me. I LOVE treating my body well and nourishing life with healthy choices and lifestyle. I LOVE not ever being hungover!!! ;P I feel like I could do it every day (and would if my last name was Duggar) although the reality is that Ken and I are probably only having two kids. Ken is reading over my shoulder and telling me to remove the word ‘probably’, but I am keeping it because although I am planning on and will feel set with two, accidents happen, lol. I am confident that surrogacy is in my future, but that is a whole other long post that I will get into later!


To change topics, I had a midwife appointment today – yay! They always make me so happy. Going to the midwife clinic for me is like a treat; something I look forward to in my calendar. Both my primary and secondary midwives were off-call this week so I saw a midwife who is not on my current team, but who was my secondary with Caimen and was present at his birth. It was really nice to catch up with her and reminisce about ‘last time’ and how the last 4 years have been. I heard the heartbeat for the first time which was fun (I declined the first ultrasound as it is mainly for dating purposes and my cycle was so regular that we are going with and trusting the EDD based on the first day of my last period). You can hear it in the video as my midwife finds it, then listens to the placenta, and back to the baby. I wanted to record it for Ken and Caimen to hear as I went to the appointment alone, and then thought it would be cool to share in my blog as well! 

Everything is right on track and my next appointment is in another 4 weeks. I am really hoping that it doesn’t fly by and I am able to enjoy and make time for this part of my pregnancy every day. Currently, I try to make it a routine of talking to this baby (girl) when I’m in the shower. I feel stupid, but I do it and always feel good after. I’ve seen three beautiful and healthy babies born in the last week and its really pumping up my maternal hormones. Soon one of those squishy things will be mine! Just not too soon I hope 😉



Heather Jones is a bebo mia trained doula and is expecting her second child in October. 





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