Spring 2018 Doula Scholarship Winner: Shanika Frater


Bebo Mia Doula Scholarship MSP Spring 2018

For the Spring 2018 Doula Scholarship submissions for the  Maternal Support Practitioner Program at bebo mia inc we had some amazing applicants and are thrilled to present our winners submissions. With the help of some incredible sponsors like Olivia Scobie & Candice Tizzard of Stages Doula, (more to come!!!) we were able to offer 6 Scholarships to the very first round of our extended version of the combined fertility, birth and postpartum doula training.

We are so honoured and excited that we are able to provide our Spring 2018 doula scholarships to incredibly strong, motivated, kind and passionate women from all over the world who would otherwise not be able to afford a doula training program. When a scholarship recipient is chosen they must submit a blog entry introducing themselves and their “why”.

We are pleased to introduce you to our first Spring 2018 MSP #bebobabes Doula Scholarship Winner, Shanika Frater…

My name is Shanika, but almost everyone calls me Shasha(Sasha). I am a 26 year old mother of two, born and raised in Toronto, ON.

Growing up, I had always had a passion for working with infants and children but I had a strong interest in pregnancy.

I spent most of my adolescence working and volunteering at day care centres and summer camps. It wasn’t until I started George Brown’s Early Childhood Education program that I realized that I wanted to do more. I wanted to become a Midwife.

While researching on how to become a midwife in Toronto, I came across the term “Doula”. Curious about what a Doula was I searched and read for hours and immediately knew that my calling was to become this “Doula” thing after I learned about how awesome it would be to help a person in one of the most incredible and scary times of their life. My intense research brought up painful memories of what I had experienced after giving birth to my two children. Things I went through and didn’t understand at the time, such as severe postpartum depression. I realized how important the role of a postpartum doula was and how beneficial it could have been to me and many other women who are suffering from postpartum depression and had no support, or didn’t have accesses to resources in their community.


want to be a Doula and be able to give support to someone in need, regardless of what that support may look like for them. I understand how changes in our bodies during and after pregnancy, and factors such as low income, race, and being a younger mother can influence the postpartum period. Being a recipient of the Spring 2018 Doula Scholarship has truly been a blessing!

Raising two children, taking care of a household, offering labour support for young mothers and going to school makes for a very busy life. It’s really amazing that I have been given this scholarship so I can give back to my communities even sooner. I want to help parents of colour, low income parents , and young parents find confidence in themselves as well as access resources in their community.

I plan to work as a postpartum doula, in the hopes of spreading the following message:

Postpartum depression and other postpartum mood disorders are very real and very scary. With the right support systems in place (*ahem*… like a postpartum doula), you can gain the tools you need so that PPMDs can be managed and healed.

There is no shame in struggling. You don’t have to struggle in the shadows; You don’t have to struggle alone.

I will continue to offer doula services while going to school for Midwifery. I want to establish a Midwifery Clinic that sees “safe space” as sacred. A place where no matter your cultural background, race, income, or age, you can feel comfortable accessing services without being judged. Thank you so much bebo mia inc. for this opportunity!

Spring 2018 Doula Scholarship

Shanika Frater: Spring MSP Doula Scholarship recipient.


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