“Victoria’s Secret” by JAX is the body positive anthem we didn’t know we needed



Written by Meg Kant

“Victoria’s Secret” by JAX is the body positive anthem we didn’t know we needed

If you haven’t heard the song “Victoria’s Secret” by JAX, I highly recommend going over to JAX’s tiktok and watch her video.  It will add some body positivity to your life today. JAX amazingly managed to summarize the experience of so many people around body shame, fatphobia and unrealistic expectations in a two and a half minute song. 

The song shares the multiple ways that many people feel pressure to be a certain size, or to have a particular body type.  The pressure pushes some people to extreme lengths, including NOT eating. For many people the preoccupation directly correlates to the way our society worships the bodies of models in magazines and those of celebrities. In particular this song aims at Victoria’s Secret.

why it connects

The song “Victoria’s Secret” is blowing up, and for good reason. Many can connect exactly with what the singer/songwriter is experiencing. The song highlights the fact that people are cashing in on our bodies’ issues.  Which is abundantly clear considering the beauty and wellness industry is a trillion dollar industry.

The chorus goes: 

“I know Victoria’s Secret, girl you wouldn’t believe it

She’s an old man who lives in Ohio, making money off of girls like me

Cashing in on body issues, selling skin + bones and big boobs

I know Victoria’s Secret, she was made up by a dude”

a body revolution on the rise

I’m not going to lie, songs like this give me so much damn hope. Lately I have been seeing more and more people living in large bodies moving through spaces with confidence, wearing what they want, seeming comfortable with themselves and their bodies. 

It looks like some people are genuinely starting to shed the bullshit expectations that have been placed on them. I see plus size people wearing crop tops, bikini’s, short shorts and all kinds of beautiful clothing that once felt ‘off limits’ to folks in bigger bodies. It feels like a body revolution is actually on the rise.

things are shifting

Growing up I had no experience with exposure to someone living in a fat body. All the folks I saw living in big bodies were actively working to make their bodies smaller. There weren’t any plus size models or movie stars. The only time I saw people living in big bodies in the media was when they were either being fat shamed and trying to lose weight, or they were the “funny” best friend. People living in plus size bodies were never at the centre of the story. It always seemed they were on the outside as a secondary character. 

I am so grateful when I see shows like “Shrill” or Lizzo’s “Watch Out for the Big Grrrls”. They highlight bodies of all different sizes just simply living their lives, or doing awesome stuff. It makes the little fat girl in me very happy. 

weight stigma and fatphobia are still rampant

Please don’t hear this as me believing that weight stigma or fat shaming are gone. I am well aware that folks living in bigger bodies still receive an immense amount of harassment and fatphobia spewed at them (myself included). But the idea that there are enough folks who are stepping outside of what has previously been deemed something only people living in small bodies can do gives me so much freaking hope. 

JAX’s song and video have gotten the attention of the CEO of Victoria’s Secret who has reached out to her. JAX is sharing her platform and asking anyone who resonated with the song, or who has ideas they want companies like Victoria’s Secret to know about inclusion and body liberation, to comment on her video. If this is something you want to do you can hop over here to add your comments!

What is your favourite current or all time anthem?!  Feel free to share in the comments.

“Victoria’s Secret” by JAX is the body positive anthem we didn’t know we needed


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