Happy Halloween Party!!


The bebo mia family grows bigger every time a baby is born and this year we have grown more then we could have ever expected. To celebrate we decided to throw a Happy Halloween Party, we also wanted an excuse to see all the bebo mia babies in cute little costumes! The party was so successful we have decided to make it an annual event, there are even whispers of a holiday party!

If you do not like cuteness stop reading now ’cause below are some of the cutest babies we have ever seen. Enjoy the photos and HAPPY HALLOWEEN to our growing family!

Halloween Party


bebo mia’s newest bear cub

a puppy

a ladybug and a cat hang out, that happens right?

the cat found the mouse, and the princess found a cookie!

the first pumpkins to arrive

two skeletons in the bebo mia closet

blue eyed bumble bee, so gorgeous!

a bumble bee that looks just like dad

monster mash

this lil’ monkey really wanted this camera

there’s a new sheriff in town

did you ever wonder what yoda looked like as a baby?

this giraffe costume at least makes US smile!

Dorothy gets her apple

the pumpkin patch


you cant see it here but this Jessy had the best cowgirl boots

kitten (that’s actually her nick name)

the group photo




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