Fertility Yoga – Heal Your Cycle (Part 1)




I remember the days, the days just before AF (Aunt Flow) arrived, when I couldn’t decide whether to buy an econobox of tampons or an equally large box of home pregnancy tests. I would try my best not to get my hopes up, but any little sign (sore boobs, a slightly queasy tummy, being 4 hours late) would get me dreaming again, only to be shot down by AF and her evil plot to ruin my weekend.

I was sure my AF showed up each month just to add insult to injury. Not only were my hopes dashed but I was also feeling an inhuman amount of pain. I couldn’t decide what to cry over, the stabbing pain in my stomach or the disappointment of another month down the drain.

Eventually I became desensitised to her arrival, it was no longer a shock to me. In fact, I actually came to a breaking point and decided it was time to let ol’ AF know who was boss. 2 years into my TTC (Trying to Conceive) journey I decided to welcome her and treat her well for the days she was with me. After all It couldn’t hurt, and who knows, maybe it would piss her off enough to stay away for say…10 months?

I began getting up a little earlier on the days she visited to meditate, nothing crazy, I just sat by myself in the living room with a herbal tea and breathed a little slower. Then I moved into a series of poses designed to alleviate some of the symptoms that often come with Auntie Dearest.

These poses really helped me in the months leading up to my first positive pregnancy test. I’m not going to lie, I still had cramps but they lessened and became a lot less emotional for me (and my husband). Below are some of the poses I used, in the pictures there are bolsters, blocks and straps but you can use anything you have around the house, like pillows, blankets and belts!


Reclining Bound Angle – I used this pose to open up my hips and increase blood flow, it’s also good for decreasing anxiety and depression (much needed!)





Supported Child’s Pose – Balances the endocrine system and alleviates cramps, I would often put a hot watter bottle on my lower back ’cause it felt so nice! This pose is also very calming.





Supported Wide Angle Forward Fold – Also circulates blood into the pelvis and alleviates cramps. Pile the blankets as high as you need!










Supported Fish – This is a good counter pose for the above forward folds, It’s good for regulating hormones and can help to slow a heavy menstrual flow. I usually did a child’s pose after this or hugged my knees to my chest because it felt nice on my back.





So there they are, my favourite AF yoga poses. It is important during this time of the month to take it easy, slow down your yoga (or any other activties) and let your body do its job.

If you would like to know more please contact me at [email protected].

natasha marchand

Pictures provided by Naomi Greenberg of Mahavta Yoga, our beloved and talented Fertility Yoga Teacher.







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