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Bryce Wylde

A little about boobs: Tuesday night, bebo mia attended the Women’s Health Summit hosted by Bryce Wylde. The event provided a venue for women of all ages to hear informative and thought provoking discussion on the subjects of heart disease, breast cancer and sex.

Dr. Alvin Pettle kicked off the breast cancer topic with a live demonstration of a breast exam – on Bryce Wylde!!

We learned of a case of a mammogram coming up clean, and yet a patient pressing for answers regarding a lump she had found. The lump was in her left breast, in the 2 o’clock position (upper left quadrant) during a seated breast exam. The patient was then moved to a lying down position and the lump remained in the 2 o’clock position – it didn’t move!

According to Dr. Pettle, cancer doesn’t move during this change, it holds fixed to its position. It may also appear on the breast as an irregularity or indent when the arms are lifted overhead.  Dr. Pettle then sent his patient for a thermography scan, and the only hot spot found on the scan was the lump. It was subsequently biopsied, removed and the patient remains cancer-free and in good health. We walked away from the seminar empowered and informed.

We now know the best time to complete a breast self-exam is during menses, and to compare results month to month. If any changes are observed – get it checked out. If the diagnosis comes back clean and you have a gut feeling that something isn’t right – press forward and demand more testing from your health care practitioner. Be an advocate for your health.

As women we often leave our health at the bottom of the priority list, as we are busy taking care of everyone else. Let’s change this reality. Just as on an airplane, let’s put on our oxygen masks first – without them firmly in place, we won’t be around to care for the friends and family we hold so dear.And here, a little food for thought – no pun intended!

Sayantani DasGupta shares a very funny perspective on how man might behave if he could lactate (not to take away from the men who can actually produce milk that is). Enjoy!

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