JaNina Wright – Queers for Queer Care Award – Doula Training Scholarship Winner September 2022


JaNina Wright – The Queers for Queer Care Award Doula Training Scholarship Winner September 2022

Written by JaNina Wright


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Hey ya’ll. My name is JaNina Wright. I am a 36 year old doula. I have an amazing cat, Princess, whom I love and adore. I have a huge family and we have a wonderful sense of community.  

I wanted this scholarship because as I dive into the birth world I see way too many disparities surrounding births, especially in women/birthing persons that look like me (black/plus size). As a doula I not only want to raise awareness but attempt to change the trajectory in birth spaces. Bebo Mia resonated so deeply with me when I discovered this movement a few years back on Instagram. To see a spectrum of representation that speaks to who I am was beautiful to me. Advocacy and representation mean so much to a birth worker and I believe makes it that much easier to care for, support, advocate our clients. 

I want to train with Bebo Mia because I am overjoyed by what I’ve seen the work you beautiful humans do in your communities, states, and countries. I have been following for a while and I feel that I will learn so much that I can keep with me for years to come. To have persons of color, bigger bodied, lgbtqia+ affirming representation means so much to me as a person that fits the model of all 3 communities. The sense of sisterhood that Bebo Mia has is wonderful to witness and I feel the love and care that you all have for one another. I respect the healthy conversation and aspects of conversation should conflict arise with-in our classes or amongst yourselves. 

I am, and wanted to be a doula because I believe doulas aren’t made, we’re born. My gift of caretaking and nurturing has been in me since I was a little girl. I have the balance to hold space for others and the wisdom to step away when I need to recharge, balance. I am always honored to be asked to be apart of a family’s birth journey and story. I am the oldest girl of 7 (2 of which I didn’t have the pleasure of growing up with) siblings and I’ve helped my mother with my younger siblings In the house. I’ve supported friends and family members throughout their birth journey and after (now known as postpartum work) for all of my life, as far back as I can remember. Although taxing the joy that I get helping a family birth new life and see that birthing persons face light up with a sense accomplishment is an experience I’d never get tired of. Whether 1st or 5th time birthing there’s always, in my experiences, been a sigh of relief and then tears that scream “I DID IT” and that is unexplainable to witness. 

My business plan after this program is to get certified and register my unique doula business name Doula Me Wright. Right now, I work with an amazing, local agency (Music City Doulas) and an out of town non-profit program spear headed by a doctor in Massachusetts (doulas for everyone) with which I get doula client’s but I would like to begin to get clients under my business name, build my portfolio and prayerfully do full time doula work in the near future. I am on the Postpartum Support International TN board and I also want to become a peer support mentor for bipoc, plus size birthing persons support group in the near future as well. 




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