A Heartwarming Review of Chimparoo’s Treasured Products!


We love hearing feedback from our clients, especially when it comes from happy new parents! In case you weren’t already aware, we are distributors for Chimparoo baby wraps and carriers and LOVE their products! See our review of the Chimparoo Trek here.

We received an email from a client who had learned about babywearing in our classes,  purchased some Chimparoo products and is now loving wearing her sweet little girl in them! With her permission, we wanted to share her feedback with you.

“I just want to let you know how happy I am with my Chimparoo products, I love them!

The wrap is awesome, I’ve tried a couple of the knots with my baby girl, Maybel.  It took a few tries to choose the knot she is happiest with and it turns out she likes the Simple Cross Knot (so far) and so do I! It’s easy to work with and I don’t have to take it off to feed and change her 🙂

The Skin to Skin Kangaroo T-Shirt has been great but Maybel is now a little too big for it, it was great when she was brand spanking new to take her to the grocery store and hang around home. And, of course, the Chimparoo Trek is great!

I’ve attached a couple of photos of me wearing my babe 🙂

Thank you and the Bebomia team for helping me gain great confidence for my beautiful baby girl :)”

Review of Chimparoo

Thank you so much Meghan for sharing your thoughts and photos with  us! We’re so happy you are feeling confident wearing your little lady – she no doubt loves it too! We discuss and demonstrate how to safely and confidently wear your baby in a number of our prenatal classes.




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