Jeska Sta.Teresa and The JAYU human rights award

Jeska the JAYU human ights award

Maternal Support Practitioner Certification Scholarship – Fall 2021 What makes me different is my advantage My name is Jeska Sta.Teresa, from the Philippines. My mother is the head of our household, alongside her twin who is a 2nd mom to us. I have a sister. I’m younger but people call me the “big-sis”. We have…

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Birth Workers Days Social Media Calendar 2022!

Social Media Calendar 2022 for Birth Workers! We all know that social media is a crucial part of promoting our business as a Birth Worker, and especially because it is the direct way in which we can connect with our potential clients. But, working on your own business can sometimes be a bit overwhelming and…

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Breanne Cain bebo mia Be Brave Award Runner Up

My name is Bre, my pronouns are she/her. I come from a big family and am the middle child of seven children. I was born and raised in North Dakota. The day I graduated high school I packed my bags and moved to Salt Lake City because of the snow and mountains and all the…

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Fertility Doula – What Clients Want

As a doula it is likely you have, or will have, clients who have conceived through fertility treatment. In many ways these clients have pregnancies like any other. Your client may or may not experience morning sickness, may or may not have a specific birth plan, may or may not plan on bodyfeeding, just like…

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Student Spotlight: Coco Doula Birth Support Services

Coco Doula Rianna Bailey Bebo Mia Student

Here at bebo mia inc we LOVE our student community and we are committed to creating lasting bonds with all of our students.  A BIG part of our training is business mentorship, and making sure our students feel supported as they embark on the next step in laying the foundations for their #doulabiz! Today on the…

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