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EVERY DAY IS A NEW BEGININGYou can feel it in the air, the inevitable end to summer is finally here. For me, it is always a little bittersweet. In a way I’m sad to see it go, but in another way I am glad to get back into ‘my routine’. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer, but by the end of August I am ready to start back to a proper planning of my meals, workouts and budgets.

For both bebo mia and Baby & Me Fitness, September is like a little mini New Years for us. The phone calls and emails start flying in from those who have pushed planning and fitness classes to the back burner so they could enjoy the last few weeks of summer (can you blame them?).

With everyone so keen on getting back into the swing of things, I thought I would write out my favourite tip to get you on a healthy, organized start to this ‘new year’. 

Fuel Your Body 

First things first, in order to feel great and have the energy to stay on top of all life’s demands, we need to fuel ourselves properly. After a summer of BBQ’s and possibly some delicious drinks (for those past the pregnancy stage), it’s time to start making some good decisions when it comes to eating. It helps me tremendously to think about food as ‘fuel’ for a healthy life. Is this meal or snack going to work FOR me or against me? Hopefully the answer is the former (unless you are having a little treat on a special occasion).

For many. the idea of eating well can seem overwhelming. After all, it can get confusing and it actually is a lot of work. There is no denying that grabbing food on the go or living on coffee (right new moms?) is easier to do, but it’s not going to help us in the long run. The best advice I can give is that of a keen girl guide: ‘be prepared’. Spend Sundays getting ready for the week ahead, and more importantly. planning for the ‘often forgotten by busy moms’ healthy breakfasts and snacks. Here are a few things I plan out on Sundays:

  • Chopping up fresh veggies and throwing them into individual containers to grab on the go. I usually have a little salad dressing container full of hummus and/or a healthy nut spread. Nuts, seeds and already ‘packaged’ fruits like bananas, oranges and apples are easy to grab and go, but should always be stored in your purse!
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I believe that to be true. If you start off your day with a healthy meal, you are more likely to keep it up during the day. Pack a bunch of cut fruit (blueberries, bananas, peaches) and some torn kale or spinach into a Ziploc bag and throw it in the freezer. Each morning you have the base of a healthy smoothie to blend with your favourite liquid (like coconut water or almond milk). 
  • These are my favorite overnight oat recipes. I am far to busy to boil oats in the morning and I’m not a big fan of packaged oatmeal so this works well for me. The bonus is that these little breakfast in a jars are delicious and super filling, plus they last in the fridge for days so you can make a large batch at once!
  • Speaking of food in a jar – This is the best way to make salad ahead of time without it getting soggy! Did you know that 1/2 of every meal should be veggies? This is an easy-ish way to make that happen!
  • Meal planning is a ‘crazy making’ activity for most busy parents. Compiling pages of healthy, easy recipes and preparing them while in the midst of cleaning, working, playing, organizing is hard work. To make it a little easier, our amazing nutritionist Meghan Ford put together a Meal Plan that will fuel your body and your family!

Incorporating a little bit this tip each week and eating healthy, nutrient rich foods will give you the energy (and motivation) needed to make other healthy choices (like, maybe a brisk walk?!). I would LOVE to hear from you. How do you get motivated to start September off on the right foot?

Marchand_Natasha_June_2014_optNatasha Marchand is co-founder, co-owner of bebo mia and the Director of Fertility . She is also the mother to nearly 3 year old Sadie, conceived with help after 3 years of trying.




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