LGBTQ Fertility Awareness Week!

There has been an interesting shift in the modern family in the last decade or two, particularly in the last few years. According to Census Canada, same sex marriage has almost tripled in the last 5 years! The 2011 census found that there was 64,575 same-sex couple families. Now, not to say all these couples want to go forth and reproduce, but for those who do, we have some great information for you.

This week is LGBTQ Fertility Awareness Week and you can read fabulous articles by experts in their fields. Find the schedule here. One such contributor is Rachel Epstein, an LGBTQ parenting activist, educator, researcher, and coordinator of LGBTQ Parenting Connections.

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As a side note: a book we love – The New Essential Guide to Lesbian Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth by Stephanie Brill





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