Turn your love of babies and bellies into cash Doula Webinar 1



If you love babies and bellies and want to provide care and support to families, this webinar is the right place for you! 


Get answers to the questions that haunt your mind:

  • How to be the voice you wish had had at your birth
  • How babies and families can be supported by birth workers
  • The different kinds of birth work: birth, postpartum, loss etc.
  • The importance of informed consent

Supporting babies by becoming a birth worker, also known as a doula, is perhaps an option that hasn't even crossed your mind and that's why we want you to join the webinar.


  • Being a birth worker could be the part-time or full-time job that works around your family schedule. Even your kids won't need to go to daycare. 

This will be the financial support you've been looking for, for your family and your community.


❤️ Live the TLC “A baby story” in real life! ❤️

We will spend time talking about babies, bellies and what it is like to support families through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

If you are ready to register, just fill out the form below:

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