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bebo mia loves honouring exceptional women in the doula community! These women who are doulas work so hard to make pregnancy and the postnatal period memorable, calm and joyous for millions of women around the world. Let’s give these doulas a shout out!

This month we have chosen Heather Jones; she has been a Doula since November 2009 and has been attending births and offering postpartum support ever since.

Here is her exclusive interview:

bebo mia: Why did you decide to become a Doula?

Heather: After a very positive natural birth experience of my son (March 2009), I felt that it was important to share it with as many people as I could.

bebo mia: How do you view birth?

Heather: I see it as one of the most beautiful moments in a family’s life. I believe it to be a natural process that everyone is capable of (with adequate support). It truly can be both a challenging and empowering experience.

bebo mia: What have you learned in your time as a Doula?

Heather: I have learned so many things but the most important lesson is to expect the unexpected and to be prepared for any situation. I have learned that each woman and each experience is individual and to accommodate those individualities. I have also learned about how much negativity surrounds childbirth and that without fear women can have a positive experience (as she defines it).

bebo mia: What tip(s) would you like to share?


  • Trust that your body knows what to do; we have history behind us to support normal birth.Heather Jones
  • Avoid negative birth stories; movies, tv, books and instead surround yourself with positive ones.
  • Educate yourself but not to excess. Remember we are our own best teachers, so trust your own instincts.
  • If you have questions that you are embarrassed about just open up and ask. You may be surprised not only by the answer but the fact that you are not alone.
  • Ask for help. I feel that this is important not only through the pregnancy but through the birth process as well and most importantly during the early days of baby being home. We are not meant to do this alone, so don’t try to be a superwoman; there is no shame in asking friends and family for support.

bebo mia: Thank you Heather for sharing your thoughts on birth and your journey to date as a Doula.

A few things Heather’s Clients have to say:

heatherwithbaby“Heather was able to give me the support that I needed, whether it was a change of a position to ease my labour, a glass of water to drink, and her hand to squeeze. She was there for me in every way imaginable and was a great comfort right until my baby Klara was born.”  – Sandra Zunic

“Heather’s professionalism and confidence put us at ease through the ups and downs during the birth of our daughter. We couldn’t imagine going through it without her.”  – Lindsay Beckstead




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