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Pages from Ren The Doula’s Colouring Book

Last month we featured Lauren Turner, A.K.A Ren The Doula, and her AMAZING coloring book for World Breastfeeding Week.

“I love bringing a creative aspect into client care practice, and colouring was something I found to be meditative while on bedrest. Using art both as a teaching and therapy tool is a great way to connect with clients, and colouring is a non-intimidating art form that many people enjoy.” – Lauren Turner


To kick off The Making Changes Event bebo mia is giving away ONE SEAT to class in our Breastfeeding Educator Certification with a

A page from Ren The Doula’s colouring book.

good old fashioned Colouring Contest!!!

Inspired by the World Health Organization’s 20 hour breastfeeding course, the Breastfeeding Educator Certification gets you ready for all the questions you will get as a birth and parenting professional. This training is ideal for prenatal & postpartum fitness experts, doulas, childbirth educators, sleep educators, massage therapists, nurses, and anyone else that is working with expecting and new parents. This course may also provide some inspiration and direction to those interested in pursuing a pathway to become an IBCLC, however, this course is in no way connected to the IBLCE.

“My experiences with birth led me to become a doula and breastfeeding advocate. Art has given me a voice throughout my life. Creating art is therapeutic and can be a unique tool for new mothers and supportive families. My goal is to place art in the hands of pregnant women, new mothers, & supportive families/workers.” – Lauren Turner

Here’s how you enter to WIN:


  1. PURCHASE: Visit Ren The Doula and purchase a colouring sheet or any digital print out from Ren’s shop (birth affirmation deck, anyone?!?!) Pro Tip: Purchase the entire colouring book and use it as part of  your prenatal visits with clients!)Ren has an AMAZING SALE happening now. Don’t miss out!

  2. PRINT: Download, Print, and colour your sheet! (Digitally coloured submission also welcome.)

  3. SHARE: Your work of art! Post a photo of your completed colouring sheet to Instagram or Facebook. Make sure to”Like” or “Follow” & tag bebo mia so we see your submission!


You have until 9 PM EST to submit your entry, and a winner will be selected at 9:30 PM EST, Wednesday September 5th and posted with an image of the winning entry to the bebo mia Making Changes Event on Facebook.


Amy Finn & Rachel Greer at a Craft Show.

About the Author, Amy:

Changing your life starts with you. My jump into the doula world was more like a game of leapfrog… a series of steady movements that led to employment in the maternal support industry. A cheesemonger by day and artist by night, my A-ha moment came like many others before me, during my pregnancy and birth.

An otherwise “textbook” pregnancy took an unexpected turn at 23 weeks when I was admitted to Victoria Hospital due to a shortening cervix. 12 weeks, the entire Friends series, and 5 ‘adult’ colouring books later, I had figured out my WHY and needed to find a way to blend my creative and philanthropic side. The care I received from my Midwives & Hospital Staff inspired me to find a way to use my skill set to do good; the success of a fundraiser for residents of the Antenatal floor at Victoria Hospital was the reassurance I needed to know I could both make a living as an artist AND make a difference at the same time. Through a lot of time and training I already had the skill set I needed to create the life I wanted- the next year after my birth was about creating positive connections in the industry, and implementing a business plan. It was A LOT of work, and continues to be A LOT of work- but I wake up each day excited and ready to put my ideas into action.

Happy Colouring!

Want to help educate people prenatally and during postpartum about breastfeeding? Check out bebo mia’s Breastfeeding Educator Certification. Feel confident answering all your client’s breastfeeding questions!





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