Infant Sleep Do’s and Don’ts: A Tool for Doulas & Parents!


Infant Sleep Do’s and Don’ts



Infant Sleep Do’s and Don’ts:

For most birth workers, clients who are expecting for the first time are typically not concerned about their future baby’s sleep, or how they will function with far less sleep than they typically need until it’s too late.

They probably have a lot of questions about what the baby can or can’t eat, how they will know they are in labour, or if they will have the birth experience that they are envisioning. The questions surrounding sleep either seem too far away to give thought to, or they just don’t know what they are in for. It’s usually not until the baby is born that parents realize putting a fussy baby into a crib is not as easy as imagined.

Understanding of normal/biological infant sleep

We want to be able to ‘do it all’ and we see asking for help as a weakness. Finding support you can trust is often not as easy as we imagine, especially if you do not have support from family and/or the family that is around does not agree with your parenting choices.

Many new parents find themselves relying on parenting books or the internet, desperately looking for answers while in a tired and overwhelmed state.

We need to be setting parents (and babies) up for success long before the baby is born. Parents need a better understanding of normal/biological infant sleep and more realistic expectations.



Parents need support long after their baby is born

This is why bebo mia offers education that focuses solely on infant sleep. We feel as though birthworkers are the natural choice to bridge the gap between the exhilaration of birth, and that moment we all face when we realize what we have really gotten ourselves into!

Evidence-based information about sleep

We want birthworkers to be armed with evidence-based information about sleep that can help parents avoid the feelings of shame and not being ‘good enough’ that so many experience.

Our Infant and Family Sleep Professional training is for professionals who work with parents, and often find themselves fielding questions surrounding sleep and are looking for evidence based information to share with their clients/patients. This course is very accessible and each module is pre-recorded, so you can learn at your own pace and comfort level.

The course is facilitated by Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum who is not only a birthworker, but also a neuroscientist who is very passionate about the infant brain. Everything you will learn is based on an attachment and mental health informed approach!

And as with all of our courses, we offer payment plans, because we are a feminist business who will never stand in between you and your education.

Sleep Do’s and Don’ts list

Our resources, whether it is our Sleep Do’s and Don’ts list, or being connected with an Infant and Family Sleep Professional will also help your clients to feel comfortable in their new reality, confident in their instincts, and enable them to find solutions that address the root of their problem.



Print this off and add it to your birthworker tool-kit.  While your client might skim it now, in a few months’ time they will be digging it up again, and breathing a sigh of relief, thanks to you!




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