Chiropractic for Kids



I have a very active 5 year old, which means lots of bumps and bruises. During her latest accident (a header out of the bathtub), Gray woke up unable to move her head without crying. She gingerly walked to school, and I promptly made an appointment for immediate attention from Dr. Adrienne McRuvie at OMA Chiropractic in Riverside.

Lovingly and gently, ‘Dr. Adrienne’ (as my household calls her), gave Graydon her adjustment using the low ­force, gentle joint mobilizations and hands ­on muscle release therapy they use. Graydon skipped out of the clinic a happier, more mobile kid and slept well that night after 2 nights of not sleeping.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful chiropractic care is for the whole family, starting from birth. If you are finding your baby is fussy, having a tough time nursing or sleeping, or had a forceps/vacuum delivery, chiropractic care can make a world of difference.



Bianca Sprague is bebo mia’s CEO and co-founder and the mother of Graydon.








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