Bedsharing with baby: What They Aren’t Telling You About co-sleep

About Bedsharing

   Bedsharing with Baby It has only been for the past 100 years or so that parenting culture in the west – especially Canada, The United States, The United Kingdom and Australia – has been heavily influenced to expect babies to sleep independently. Caregivers expect babies to sleep in their own room in a crib,…

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It’s Time to Talk About Parent Sleep

Social media platforms, especially the vortex better known as a Facebook support group, have given (new) parents an opportunity to share their experiences, challenges, and resources in a way that would have been unfathomable in past generations. When baby insomnia a sleep regression strikes we are able to find support and #solidarity with just a few clicks,…

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New AAP Guidelines – Why We Need to Talk About Bed-sharing.

The American Academy of Pediatrics announced a revision of their infant sleep guidelines and all of us here at bebo mia are very happy about it. The updated safe sleep guidelines are moving more towards what many parents already do instinctually and it recognizes that when it comes to sleep, our babies often have different plans than we do.…

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Choose a Sleep Educator instead of a Sleep Trainer

Sleep Training Sleep seems to be treated as this dirty little secret in parenting.  If you are an expectant parent, you might be warned that babies wake up a lot at night, but you probably don’t think it will be all that bad.  Or if it is, certainly you will be able to nip it…

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Bedtime for Two? – Why You Shouldn't Plan Ahead!

“When and how should I get my toddler into their own bed?” “Should I night wean before the baby comes?” “How do you manage putting both to bed when solo parenting?” “What are some ways to get my partner more involved in bedtime?” “How do you make sure baby gets a good nap when they…

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Co-sleeping and Bed-sharing with baby


Elizabeth Boyce posted about her beautiful family bed this week and it has (re?)sparked the co-sleeping and bed sharing. Sleep is hands down the number one question we get from our postpartum clients and we always say the same thing…: Public Health Agency of Canada and the American Academy of Pediatrics Public Health Agency of…

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Do You Hold Your Baby Too Much?

Do You Hold Your Baby Too Much Blog

  Do You Hold Your Baby Too Much? That sounds like a straightforward question, right? There continues to be so much misinformation swirling around in relation to babies and their needs so we thought we’d set the record straight here. Do you hold your baby too much? Is that even possible? Doesn’t holding them too…

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Sleep Training Shock: Dangers of Rigid Schedules for Newborns

Sleep Struggles: Questioning Parenting Narratives One of the more thoughtful gifts I received when I was pregnant with my son was a subscription to Today’s Parent magazine. For the past two years, I have enjoyed flipping through the articles, finding stories I’ve enjoyed or trying some great recipes. When I saw the cover of this…

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A Night Weaning Journey

My sweet little angel is 31 months.  For those of you who don’t want to do the math, that’s around two and a half years.  Some days, these two and a half years seem to have gone by in the blink of an eye.  On the “black rings under the eyes” days, they have seemed…

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Top 10 Baby Sleep Questions Answered

Baby Sleep Questions Answered

We have compiled a list of the Top 10 Sleep Questions we receive. Learning how to get your baby to sleep can be one of the biggest challenges for new parents, and our Sleep Expert, Brandie, is here to help you every step of the way. Check out her answers to parents’ most popular questions, and…

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10 Tips for Coping with Sleep Deprivation as a parent

Coping with Sleep Deprivation

As a parent, 9 times out of 10, the first question you get asked is, “So, how is he/she sleeping” – or something to that sentiment. In this blog we will discuss about 10 best tips for Coping with Sleep Deprivation as a parent Often, when you honestly shrug and say you aren’t sleeping well,…

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Last Night a Posting Saved My Life

Well, maybe it is a bit dramatic to say a Facebook posting saved my life, but it certainly did talk me off some proverbial parenting ledge. There I was, trying to nurse my daughter to sleep. I had been trying for over an hour. She was certainly enjoying herself, nursing when she wanted and then…

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