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Bebo mia was lucky enough to sit down with Deepa Maceachern, former bebo mia client and the mother of adorable 17-month old Andrew talk about breastfeeding.  The last time we saw Deepa was just after Andrew’s birth– a birth so extraordinary that it ended up in the papers! We wanted to ask her a few questions about her pre and postnatal experience, in particular why she decided to prepare herself for her breastfeeding experience.


Deepa, why did you decide to take a prenatal breastfeeding class?

It was important for me to breastfeed Andrew and to learn as much as I could about the overall journey. Not only would breastfeeding be highly nutritious for him and reduce my risk of breast cancer, I also wanted to create a strong mother-baby bond.

Besides a prenatal breastfeeding class, were there any other classes or workshops you attended or books that you read to prepare for motherhood?

To prepare for the birthing experience, my husband and I took the Hypnobirthing course and had hired a doula, both through bebo mia.  Another fabulous resource were the instructors and other expectant mothers I met through prenatal fitness, many of whom I continue to chat with.  I have also frequently referred to Dr. Sears’ books and website.


What is your advice for a mother as she begins her breastfeeding journey?

I highly recommend engaging a breastfeeding consultant immediately after giving birth and a for few days thereafter to ensure that the latch is as best as it can be and that any potential breastfeeding issues are dealt with at the onset.  We were working with Taya Griffin and she thankfully quickly identified that Andrew was tongue-tied.  Also, enjoy these precious moments  (day and night) that you will be sharing with your little one!





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