Breastfeeding in Public – Easy and Stylish!


Nursing tops

I have a little obsession.  Nursing wear. 

If hospital scrubs and crocs with socks are the first things to cross your mind then think again!

I am talking about clothes designed specifically for the breastfeeding mother.  With discreet flaps and zippers that open up, diagonally, or sideways these shirts, dresses and sweaters (I’ve yet to find a hot little jumpsuit!) only expose the nipple making it oh-so-easy for baby to latch on and feed, anyplace and anytime.

Nursing Wear My obsession began after my first purchase – an angel sleeve, black, Peek-a-boo T-shirt.  I was working at Evymama, an amazing nursing and maternity boutique, with my Amelia at the time.  She sat in the carrier while I worked and drooled at the beautiful nursing wear. I wanted it all.

The fact is that we should all feel comfortable breastfeeding in public.  The reality is many mothers still find it an uncomfortable experience.  The bottom line is that nursing wear makes breastfeeding discreet, easy AND stylish.  No more covers over baby’s head making everyone too hot.  No more pushing and pulling your pre-pregnancy shirts so buttons pop off and collars are completely misshapen.


So here are some of my favorite brands and styles:

Boob – A Swedish brand that has been around for some time, Boob’s fabrics are incredible.   I’ve got a stunning knitted sweater that you honestly cannot tell is a nursing top.  Now I want one of these shirts!

June and Dane – A Canadian brand, June and Dane has a stunning line.  They even have a nursing cocktail dress complete with a beaded collar.  Do I have one?  Yes!

Heather Lehman – To be honest, I’m still waiting for a Canadian store to stock these shirts. They aregorgeous!

Some other fantastic brands are….noppies (I have this one),   Japanese Weekend and Serpahine, this sweater has recently been seen on Jennifer Garner (featured right).

If you aren’t able to purchase a shirt or dress for each day of the week here is a great DIY site so if you are just around the house you’ll have your breasts oh so handy for that demand feeding.

So there you have it!!  Happy Shopping!!  And if you ever come across a stylish jumpsuit perfect for nursing please let me know ☺

Editors Note: bebo mia has long been a fan of Momzelle, they are local, bilingual and have great customer service. This tank is one of my favourites, and the model is a bebo mia trained doula!






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