Spring 2018 Doula Scholarship Winner: Laci Larson



2018 Spring Doula Scholarship

bebo mia’s Spring 2018 Maternal Support Practitioner Program saw some incredible applications for the various scholarships that were offered. We are thrilled to present our winners’ submissions. With the help of some incredible sponsors like Olivia Scobie & Candice Tizzard of Stages Doula, we were able to offer 6 Scholarships to the very first round of our extended version of the combined fertility, birth and postpartum doula training.

We are so honoured and excited that we were able to provide our Spring 2018 doula scholarships to incredibly strong, motivated, kind and passionate women from all over the world who would otherwise not be able to afford a doula training program. When a scholarship recipient is chosen they must submit a blog entry introducing themselves and their “why”.

We are pleased to introduce you to the recipient of  the #bebobabes Bursary for the Spring 2018 MSP aka Doula Training Program, Laci Larson…

My name is Laci Larson. I am 24 years old, engaged to a wonderful partner, and a new mama to my 18 month old son, Raven.

We consider ourselves a bit on the crunchy side of things, as we cloth diaper, have an organic & vegan diet, mostly follow an attachment parenting model, and are even considering homeschool.  We really love spending time enjoying the simple things, such as nature, cooking, crafting, and art. Nature is our church!

I am overjoyed to have won the 2018 Spring Doula Scholarship for the Maternal Support Practitioner Program because our family’s income allows us a comfortable life, yet very little wiggle room. I’ve been preparing to get my doula certification for about six months by working with friends who expressed that they needed support throughout their pregnancies.

I attended my first birth this past June, and it solidified evermore my desire to work in the birth world. Winning the 2018 Spring Doula Scholarship is enabling me to start my business. 

Birth work has been calling to me ever since my home water birth! The experience I had with my midwife and during my birth was inspring to say the least. For me, birth was pleasant and transformative. More than anything, I feel drawn to a career as a doula because caring is my SUPERPOWER .

I believe that women need and deserve more love, compassion, and unbiased information in order to have the birth experiences they dream of. In my opinion, our society has a misunderstanding of childbirth and I’d like to help women to find their voices of power, tap into ancestral knowledge, and trust in the miraculous strength of their own bodies!

Currently, I am working with a couple clients (free of charge) to gain some experience and to determine what style of doula work suits me best. I plan to certify as a Childbirth Educator, Eco Doula, and placenta encapsulator in addition to my MSP certification. I believe my granola momma ways will really assist me in building my brand and image, as well as some unique practices and offerings – birth art, belly casting, and blessingways, to name a few.  I plan to work independently. I really see my skills and interests dovetailing into a career path and that sits pretty well with me!

Cheers to mommas, babies, and everything in between!

Bebo Mia Doula Bebo Mia Doula Scholarship Winner



Bebo Mia’s mission is to connect women* to their intrinsic value & power. One of the ways we aim to do this is by offering the most comprehensive combined fertility, birth & postpartum doula training! Our team of instructors are diverse, interesting, committed to social justice & super funny.

Collectively we are committed to changing the landscape of birth experiences across the globe. 

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